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There is finally a dining option for people who want a quick, healthy bite without having to wait in the horrendous lines of Café 1787 (a.k.a Pandini’s). ZeBi provides a better (and much needed) dining option to F&M.

There are so many more food options available at this new locale than were available at its predecessor, Jazzman’s Café. Along with the new options, the new bistro offers patrons many combos not seen elsewhere on campus.

The food is fresh and the menu offers sustenance for any eater. There are whole grain options (very rare on this campus, unfortunately), vegetarian food, and (of course) proteins.

Dip Deal Combos are actually useful here, letting you try more food at a better rate than it would be to use flex or cash. Having visited at a variety of hours (including a 9 p.m. late-night dinner/researching meal), I found comfort in the fact that the food does not seem to run out quickly.

As for the food, ZeBi has some tasty offerings! Creative options (a chocolate and raspberry yogurt with some granola added in, was, needless to say, delicious) as well as the basic staples are on the menu. With two kinds of sandwiches available (baguettes and flatbread), salads, soups, baked goods, and snacks on the counter, everything just asks to be purchased. For you diehard Jazzman’s fans, do not fret because the drinks (read: caffeine) are still available.

Walking in is a cooler experience than it was at the more mundane Jazzman’s. As one walks through the main entrance, the organic feel of the place embraces him or her. The menu is easily read from a large, center screen with big, bold fan font for those of us with some sight issues. Also, the calories displayed right next to the items facilitate choices for those who are calorie-conscious.

The hours are good, the lines are efficient, and the service is friendly and helpful. The employees are knowledgeable and can easily answer questions. They can also fulfill simple requests—such as a cup of water—without any wait.

This change shows Sodexo’s unseen potential as an adaptive catering service to college campuses.

Lastly, the bistro gives 10 percent of its proceeds to the Water Street Rescue Mission through the Stop Hunger charity. At a campus focused on helping others as well as the community around us, it seems the new eatery’s gravitation toward philanthropy demonstrates its great addition to the campus.

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