Photo Story: Eddie S. Glaude Jr. discusses racial politics at Common Hour

Photos by Mira Lerner || Photographer and Contributing Writer

Blurb by Isabel Paris || Campus Life Editor

Photo courtesy of Mira Lerner.
Photo courtesy of Mira Lerner.
Photo courtesy of Mira Lerner.
Photo courtesy of Mira Lerner.

Eddie S. Glaude Jr. visited Franklin and Marshall’s campus to be a Common Hour speaker. His talk, “Pragmatism in a Deep Shade of Blue: John Dewey and the Question of Race in the United States”, discussed his research in American pragmatism which focuses on  black communities. As a professor of religion at Princeton University, Glaude is one of America’s top scholars on literature, politics and race, and African American religion. Glaude referenced many of his books when giving his talk and how each of them while focused on different topics all share a similar vein of American pragmatism.

Glaude is a commentator on MSNBC and has also written columns on publications like Time Magazine. His frequent radio guest spots have been noticed on shows such as the 11th Hour, Democracy Now!, and Morning Joe. 

Townspeople, faculty, and students packed into Mayser Gymnasium to hear Glaude discuss race and politics. He won the crowd over with his deep knowledge and passion for his research and his dry witty sense of humor. Glaude’s talk concluded with a standing ovation with roarous clapping to celebrate and appreciate his devotion and passion towards his academic research.

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