PORT Announcements announce-port@fandm.edu

Wed, Oct 7, 2:25 PM

Dear Students and Colleagues:

I am writing on behalf of the Pandemic Operations Response Team (PORT) to provide an update on test results.

As you know, we had a testing session on Oct. 5 that was a combination of random surveillance testing of students, additional surveillance testing of students who live in Brooks College House due to a positive wastewater test result, and additional surveillance testing of employees who work in Brooks.

Today, we received the following test results for 221 students and 27 employees:

  • All residents of Brooks tested negative
  • All employees who work in Brooks tested negative
  • All students selected for random surveillance testing tested negative

In other words, in our most recent round of testing, there were no positive test results

Students living in Brooks with a negative test are released from their modified quarantine.

As President Altmann mentioned in her message to students earlier today, PORT, in collaboration with senior staff and our consultants from Keeling & Associates, are currently reviewing our testing protocols. Our hope is that we can adapt our procedures to continue to protect our campus against the spread of the virus while reducing the stress on our community. We know that unexpected quarantine measures are hard on everyone, and we are working to minimize how often we need to take that step.

I am happy to be able to send such a positive update. Thank you so much for your ongoing care to keep this campus safe. What you have been doing is working! These significant efforts are the key to a successful residential semester.

Students, as you prepare for finals, be sure to take study breaks and enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

Best wishes,

Alan Caniglia

Vice President for Strategic Initiatives