TCR’S WEEKLY WRAP-UP: The Headlines You Need to Know

NBC News

Monday, October 19th
A Colorado Wildfire Makes History
A Review of the NFL’s Week 6
Coronavirus Deaths Hit 220,000 in the U.S.
A Tau Re-Hearing: What it Means
PORT Reforms: What You Need to Know

ABC News

Tuesday, October 20th
Trump Attacks Dr. Fauci
Political Protests Turn Violent in Nigeria

Wednesday, October 21st
Bombshell FBI Report Exposes Iranian Election Interference
Google is Hit with an Antitrust Lawsuit

Dallas Morning News

Thursday, October 22nd
The Final Presidential Debate
The Final Debate: A Fact Check
Pope Francis Signals Support for Same-Sex Civil Unions

ABC News

Friday, October 23rd
COVID Spikes as High as July

Other Things to Know:

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Understanding Mail-In Voting
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