By Sarah Nicell || Layout Assistant

Photo Courtesy of Brandon Webb.

“How’s it going, folks and yolks?” Brandon Webb announced as he plopped down onto a semi-reclined sofa chair on the second floor of Blue Line, pluralizing his greeting as though he was speaking to an entire auditorium.

I was the only person that he was addressing, and I wasn’t quite sure what it meant to be a yolk, but I went with it because Brandon is the kind of person who looks so cool you’d go with anything he says. He could’ve recommended that I switch my intended-Government-and-English-Major self into Organic Chemistry, and with one look at his black nail polish, silver rings, creativity, and passion for the arts, I would’ve logged onto InsideF&M in the remaining hours of Add/Drop to declare myself a STEM major.

“Introduce yourself in whatever way makes you happy,” I said next, and I’m glad that I did.

Brandon Webb uses he/him pronouns, and his favorite color is red because it fails to be restricted to a single connotation, whether that be power, love, or anger. When considering who he would go to dinner with if given limitless possibilities, he offered Abraham Lincoln as a possible option. His favorite type of chip is cheese puffs because… who doesn’t like cheese puffs?

Raised in South Florida, Brandon seems to share the commonly held belief that Florida is a place like no other. News of absolutely inconceivable events is reported daily, so often that he continues to read articles about the pandemonium of his home state here in Lancaster.

“So… why Lancaster?” I inquired upon learning more about the seemingly fictional place known as South Florida. Lancaster, PA, after all, is in the middle of nowhere, USA.

Brandon named a number of reasons for coming to Franklin & Marshall College in rural Pennsylvania, such as wanting to explore a quieter town with nooks and crannies, the financial aid package (always a plus), and most importantly, finally having the opportunity to witness snowfall. Having only viewed the phenomenon through the media, he described winter weather as elusive as Santa Claus himself. He also remarked that he would definitely be pelting me with snowballs come January, so watch out, upperclassmen, for Southern first-years hopped up on the excitement of blizzards.

When asked about extracurriculars, Brandon expressed interest in joining a plethora of clubs and organizations: the photography club, The College Reporter (a fabulous choice), the gaming society, jazz ensemble, F&M films, martial arts (Brandon is seeking to revive his six-year-old self’s interest in taekwondo and finally move on from that white belt), and the philosophy club.

I was most astonished by Brandon’s seemingly endless passion and talent for the arts. I use this term plurally because he plays the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, and piano, creates incredible visual art pieces, and possesses an extensive adoration and appreciation for film. He embodies creativity, sharing his artistic visions through everything he does. It is no surprise that his intended major is media production, and I believe that we can all expect to see his films on the big screen in the not-so-distant future.

“Art is the one place where I’ve always been able to express who I am,” Brandon explained, an experience that rings true for so many students seeking out a liberal arts education.
Most of all, this freshman is looking forward to taking chances, figuring out his identity, and showcasing his love for art. To all the creatives at F&M, welcome Brandon Webb. It seems he is going to monopolize the film, music, writing, and media industries one day, so get ready!

Sarah Nicell is a Layout Assistant for The College Reporter and can be reached by email