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The Diplomatic Congress (DipCon) held campus-wide elections for sophomore, junior, and senior class presidents, Tuesday, April 16. As members of the Diplomatic Congress, the class presidents represent their respective class year and work to foster a sense of pride and unity.

After presenting their F&M IDs, students could vote for their respective class president at a table staffed by members of DipCon’s election committee in the Steinman College Center. Additionally, students studying abroad had the option to cast their ballots via email.

In order to become a candidate for class president, students had to complete a petition with 50 signatures from members of their class. Candidates then wrote a short statement of intent and qualifications, which was sent out to the student body the night before the election.

Less than an hour after elections took place, the results were sent to students via email; Ian Irlander ’14 was elected senior class president, Zachary Fried ’15 was elected junior class president, and Doug Adair ’16 was elected sophomore class president.

“I believe the elections did run smoothly,” said Kelly Kennedy ’04, adviser to DipCon.

The newly elected class presidents spoke about their success and their plans for next year.

“I’m really excited about the results of the election, but it’ll be tough to follow the great job [Amanda Loh ’13] did this year as senior class president,” Irlander said. “I plan to get started early to make sure we hit the ground running with some great Senior Nights while the weather is still nice, and I’m looking forward to working with Zach [Fried] and Doug [Adair] and the new DipCon [Executive Board]. I hope to live up to the role and to ensure that senior year is a memorable one for every member of my class.”

“I’m incredibly excited to serve as junior class president next year!” Fried said. “It’s a huge honor to have been elected, and I’d like to send a huge thank you to the Class of 2015 for believing in me. My goal for next year is to really increase class unity by planning a number of events that bring us all together in fun and exciting ways. Can’t wait!”

“I’d like to thank the Class of 2016 for choosing me to be its new class president,” Adair said. “It was a tough race, but from the start I had the utmost respect for my opponent, Suzie Halatyn, because she shares my enthusiasm for serving our class. Since the election I’ve gotten the chance to meet Suzie, and I’m thrilled to announce she has accepted my offer to be vice president.

“We have an exciting three years ahead of us, and together with the class’ continued support, Suzie and I, along with the rest of the Class Caucus, will be able to do bigger and better things,” Adair continued. “The first step is figuring out what students want most, and I’m happy to say that is already underway. The new sophomore class can look forward to a fantastic year!”

According to Kennedy, the role of the class presidents is to help students connect with the larger F&M community and, in doing so, help to create class and campus pride. They plan educational and social events, support campus initiatives, and represent the members of their class on DipCon.

Kennedy shared the enthusiasm of the new presidents in making next year exceptional.

“My hope is that the new presidents continue to build on the great foundation this year’s presidents have worked to build,” she said. “There were some really great opportunities this year, and I look forward to seeing what they have planned for the coming year.”

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