By Scott Onigman, Senior Editor ||


My name is Scott Onigman. I am a junior here at F&M. I am hoping to get your vote through a combination of experience and positive ideas. I have experience in student government and in other areas around campus. I have represented Brooks College House on the Diplomatic Congress in the legate position; as the legate I did a great deal to bridge the gap between the enthusiastic Brooks House Congress and the rest of the house with the Diplomatic Congress. As the student representative on the Strategic Steering Committee, I managed to incorporate and solicit the opinions of my peers and brought their ideas forward. As the current senior editor and a staff member of The College Reporter, I have sought to further our College by keeping the campus community informed and aware. My past and current experiences would serve me well as your vice president of the Diplomatic

Some of the ideas I would like to pursue are: fixing up the Poorbaugh Fitness Center, reducing the divisions between houses to create a more unified student body experience (with the end goal of school spirit expressed through all campus events), continuing the reformations being made to club/event funding that is simultaneously occurring with a reformation of student government. Finally, my most important goal is greater advocacy on behalf of the student body.

Thank you for your support! Vote for me if you want representation of everyone’s interests.

Scott Onigman is the Senior Editor of The College Reporter. Email him at