By || Members of F&M’s Black Student Union

We, the Black Student Union, assert our full support of the protests, uprisings, and warranted responses to the murder of George Floyd and the countless Black people who have fallen victim to the Violence of white supremacy. We are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and we have the right to be. 

BLACK PEOPLE are being MURDERED- brutalized is an understatement. 

Yes, we are diplomats, but historically, diplomacy has actively perpetuated Violence and Racism using political correctness as a Weapon to disguise overt Racism. Diplomacy has distanced the oppressors from the oppressed with the guise of progress. Progress is not enough for a country that needs to be Dismantled and completely Reformed from its Racist roots. If you are passive or silent, you are complicit. If you are silent, you are contributing to the Murder and Oppression of Black people. 

As diplomats and educated college students, we have the Privilege and social capital to have conversations and push them upwards. How are you contributing? How are you putting Action behind your Pedagogy? 

We have become too comfortable in our status as scholars. Your scholarship is Violent if it is focused on criticizing the Revolution rather than the Violence, Oppression, and Murder that has induced it. Your conversations are meaningless if they are not backed by Action. Protesters are risking their lives and their livelihood. What are you Sacrificing for the Revolution? 

Silence is Violence, and we refuse to perpetuate Violence through methods of diplomacy. Protest. Donate. Act. 

In community, 

The Black Student Union

This statement was written by The Black Student Union. Please contact or with any questions or comments.