By The College Democrats

“How do we tell 2400 students and 600 staff why voting for the Democratic nominee is so important to change an issue so ingrained in every facet of our democracy? 

We can’t. “

Instead, we will urge you to vote not for the party, but for principles. The Black Lives Matter movement is not one that should lend itself to political divide, but rather one that should encourage outrage on all scales of morality.

As privileged students—whether that comes from your skin color, your gender, your sexuality, or simply your status as a student at Franklin & Marshall—it is your duty and moral imperative to carry the rage you feel right now to the polls in November.

It is not to say that one vote for Joe Biden will rid the Government of the systemic racism it has protected for so long; however, Joe Biden’s critiques are based on flawed policy rather than the utter lack of humanity displayed by President Trump.

To say that one vote for Donald Trump would rid the Government of systemic racism, well, we’ve already seen how that has gone…

It is imperative to recognize that it really matters who is in the Oval Office. This is not simply for matters of executing and enforcing the law, but also for appointing Justices to the Supreme Court and selecting leaders of federal departments and agencies. The Supreme Court is composed of many older Justices, making it likely that there will be an opening during the next administration. It is crucial to think about who we trust to make that decision.

It is not abnormal to feel helpless when facing the current political climate, but it is now more crucial than ever to speak up. There are many small ways in which you can make a big impact on this country’s future.

Register to vote! It is the crucial first step in ensuring that your voice is being heard. Although we are in the midst of a global pandemic, we want to stress that mail-in-balloting may be the safest option, if you are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19. Check the deadlines for registering to vote, pick the option that best suits you, and plan ahead!

As younger voters, we historically have been the under-represented generation. We are in a unique position as most of us are categorically at the age of vote eligibility.  Make sure that our voice is heard, and notify your local elected officials of the policies that truly matter to you. Don’t allow politicians to ignore your opinions!

Write, call, email, and post on social media! Use every avenue you have available to ensure you make your mark. Our generation communicates and receives so much information through social media: this is a great way to share your voice.

Have conversations with members of your family and those in your social circles. Don’t save political discussions for the Thanksgiving table. Speak from the heart and tell the people you love why you vote and why you advocate for the things that you do. This dialogue can often be more persuasive than anything an elected official might have to say.

As a political organization on campus, we cannot tell you how to vote in November. However, we can encourage you to use your power, make your voice heard, and carry the anger you are feeling to the polls in November.

Below are a few organizations that discuss police brutality and ways to promote change:

●  Campaign Zero

●  Reclaim the Block

●  The Bail Project


The College Democrats






This statement was written by the College Democrats. Please contact for any questions.