To the Editor:

I would like to formally thank Kappa Delta Sorority for its outstanding support of Lancaster Girl Scout troops. So far this school year, the sorority has held three events aimed at improving girls’ self esteem and teaching them about basic etiquette, all within a fun context. The Girl Scouts have created positive, self-affirming T-shirts, colorful hats, and most importantly had the opportunity to interact with older girls who serve as role models. As the mother of two girls and a Brownie co-leader, I am thrilled to see my girls develop confidence and new skills. As a Student Development Adviser in OSPGD, I am thrilled to see so many of the KDs with whom I work committed to inspiring (and dancing with!) the girls. While I don’t have the space to thank all of the sisters individually, I would like to commend Hannah Nallo ’15, vice president community service, for her work in planning these events, and for helping our troop, #70403, arrange to sell Girl Scout cookies in the Steinman College Center.

With appreciation,
Stephanie N. Kessler