This article is my opinion on student plays at F&M. I love watching theater and it is entertaining for many people. The audience members understand and connect with the actors better. Theater is art because it includes acting and singing and brings out so many different personalities and plots. Theatre brings life to the campus. There are a few different theater clubs on campus. The two clubs are the Green Room Theatre Club and F&M Players. The Green Room Theatre Club puts on plays and F&M players put on musicals. Next semester the Players are putting on Mama Mia and I Survived Zombies

My experience with theaters and plays first started when I was in elementary school. I  have never acted in any play or musical before but in elementary school, I was in the chorus for two plays. The plays that I was in were Annie and Into the Woods. 

Most importantly, theater gets students involved in many different ways. Not only is theater fun, but it also helps with your social skills and communication skills. Also, I think that theater brings out different stories in different ways. Little Women is a good example. Little Women is about four siblings: Amy, Meg, Jo, and Beth. All of the siblings face challenges and work to make them better. Beth is the one that brings everyone together. 

There are many different ways to express your feelings through theater. People bring creativity through the costumes and roles they play. Theater can bring people together and is fun to watch. You can meet a lot of new people and become friends with them. The Broadway Review was a medley of 2000s musicals and plays. Some of the musicals they did were Mama Mia, Hairspray, Kinky Boots, Waitress, Wicked, High School Musical, Hedwig and The Angry Inch, The Wedding Singer, Moulin Rouge, Tick Tick Boom, Rent, Black Friday and Cabaret. This is my favorite musical that F&M players have put on. 

I believe that theater is one of the best ways to connect with people and send a message to the audience. I like watching plays in my free time and this school puts on really good plays. It gets students thinking and involved on campus. It brings out fictional characters and brings a fictional reality versus an actual reality.  Students play characters that aren’t really their personalities and get to try out different roles. You are basically telling stories with different characters when you are on stage.

Freshman Anika Singhal is a staff writer. Her email is