To the Editor:  

We are writing as F&M faculty members to commend ​members of the ​college community who gathered on Thursday for Flemming Rose’s lecture. Like others in the audience, some of us found ​Rose’s​ position compelling​ while​ others of us were unconvinced by some of it. 

To be sure, the mood in Stahr Auditorium was at times contentious. Still, the students who protested, the rest of the audience, and ​the speaker were able to engage in a vigorous and open question-and​-answer session. It ​was​ gratifying to see how manifest ​the​ commitment to freedom of expression is at our liberal arts college.​ Indeed, there could not have been protest or contestation without it.​


Douglas Anthony (History/IST), Stephen Cooper (Religious Studies), Dennis Deslippe (AMS & WGSS), Sean Flaherty (Economics), Alan Glazer (BOS), Dave McMahan (Religious Studies), Maria Mitchell (History & WGSS), Fred Owens (Psychology), Richard Reitan (History), Louise Stevenson (History & AMS)