By Zhifan Yang || Contributing Writer

“Don’t try to rush through college, cause you will miss it”. This is Matthew Pisarcik advice, a student graduated with honors in May who now works at F&M’s office of college advancement. In his third day of the job, the College Reporter interviewed him in his office.

Pisarcik now works as an alumni fellow of annual giving. His job is important because he and his colleagues are working to get all the money for all the financial aid as well as buildings at school, and they also connect the alumni. When I asked him why he wants to do this job, his eyes sparkled and said: “I am only able to come here through financial aid, so I want to further getting more good candidates can afforded and to be able to come here, and make the school better than when I graduated!”  As we talked about why he was selected to this job, he said is because he has a good academic record, and he had participated school’s football leadership committee.

Pisarcik says that he s feeling great about post-grad life. Even though Pisarcik says that he is kind of sad because he will not see his friends as often now that he is graduated, it is still good to finally be done with classes. Before he graduated, he also had confusion in finding what he actually want to do, and it did take time. He came to F&M in pre-law and history major, and he decided to major in government after took some of the class. He now plans to assistant his supervisor. After this job, he wants to go into federal law enforcement.

Freshman Zhifan Yang is a Contributing Writer. Her email is