By TCR Editing Staff  

Last week The College Reporter Editing Staff emailed the student body and asked students to submit “shoutouts” for their professors and other members of the F&M faculty and staff. The response was overwhelming. Students immediately replied with messages for FPS thanking them for their hard work and commitment this semester.

Professors, Faculty, and Professional Staff, listed below are messages that your students want to share with you:

Professor Abravanel, you have been such a light during this challenging time. Thank you for being so unbelievably understanding and committed to us all!

Professor Abravanel’s class check-ins are simply the best! She truly cares about her students and has been extremely accommodating during this time.

Thank you Professor Adili for making all the recorded lectures we needed and for being so accessible for questions.

Professor Alajaji provided much needed reassurance and flexibility throughout the transition to online learning. It was so refreshing to work with a professor who fully acknowledged the challenges of this semester! 

Professor Alajaji provided the safe space that I needed to talk about my feelings and reassured me that I am capable of doing the things that I want to do.

I want to praise Professor Ana Anderson for being so kind, compassionate, and understanding all semester. She’s great!

Professor Ana Anderson is one of the most supportive and encouraging professors and advisors I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is incredibly knowledgeable, but beyond that never fails to put a smile on my face and make me feel like I can accomplish anything I put my mind to!

Professor Erik Anderson has been nothing short of amazing lately, checking in on us and offering the best education possible with all things considered.

Professor Anderson-Rabern is the most inspiring person I know. She cares about her students so much and will do anything she can to help them. 

Professor Ardia always wanted to check up on our personal lives and wanted to make sure the workload was manageable with everything going on.

Shoutout to Professor Baeth for his remarkable dedication to his student’s education. He has always made himself available to help!

Thank you Professor Bastian for all your hard work!

Professor Batres continued to make course material clear, easily understood, and engaging!  She even worked to get her students extra credit opportunities to provide an extra buffer for us!

Super grateful for meeting Professor Batres, Professor Lacy, and Professor Rottman in the psychology department. 

Professor Bechtel was so kind as to provide us with love and care from the bottom of his heart throughout the entire course. I feel more grateful than ever having him as my professor this year.

Professor Tim Bechtel is the best mentor/advisor you could ask for. I needed to share my concerns and he immediately reached out and did everything he could. 

Professor Biles is my favorite professor at F&M. He is incredibly supportive and so passionate about what he teaches, that even throughout this pandemic, he was fully committed, and it showed. Thank you so much Professor Biles!

I just want to say that Professor Biles has been amazing this semester. I’d like to thank him for everything that he does.

Thank you Professor Billig for all your hard work!

Professor Bond has been my guiding light throughout college, and I would like to thank her for going above and beyond for me always. She has helped me to make the most of college and to cultivate my goals.

Professor Brandt never ceased to make us laugh, and always seemed to have our best interest at heart: both a great teacher and an amazing human being.

Professor Brewer has been so helpful with his advice throughout the semester. He’s a very positive person, which I really appreciate, especially now.

Professor Daniel Brooks is an amazing professor! He has gone above and beyond this semester to create an engaging learning environment and I’m so thankful that I took his class!

Professor Butterfield poured his heart and soul into his video lectures! His passion for music was infectious – in a good way! 

Professor Callari has, without knowing, made me his biggest fan. He is refreshingly opinionated & forward yet incredibly supportive & caring. 

Professor Callari has been very understanding of our final exam. He considered all the issues in-depth and opened the possibility of choosing between a written or an oral exam. 

Professor Cann was so understanding and supportive during this interesting time!  She made sure to set-up check in meetings to ensure all of her students were ok, and even made assignments about how we were doing to check in!

Thank you Professor Cann for consistently caring about all of your students and helping us through these unpredictable times!

Thank you to Professor Castor for being an absolute queen. You are brilliant, and I feel so lucky to have had you as a professor. 

Shoutout to Professor Castor. I don’t know how you do it, but you manage to be a constant source of knowledge and humor, and you are so respected amongst the student body.

Professor Ciuk‘s energy in class is unmatched.

Professor Ciuk is the most down-to-earth, supportive, and open professor I have ever had. He is consistently available to offer advice and support and his classes are some of the most informative and eye-opening that this campus has to offer.

Professor Jennifer Conley is one of the warmest people I have ever met. Her passion for dance is contagious and she truly cares for each of her students! Thank you for all you do!

Profesora Cox held many office hours throughout the week to ensure students always had time to ask her questions and understand the material. 

Professor Crannell has done so much for us to keep class fun and exciting! She has been very flexible with course assignments and willing to navigate circumstances every step of the way!

Professor Davis has made our time at F&M complete—some of our best memories are the hours spent in his lab. He has supported and encouraged us, giving us the opportunity to achieve things we never thought we were capable of, and we will miss him next year!

Professor Faulkner, thanks for training students’ vocals and growing students’ passions for Sociology!

Having taken several classes with Professor Fleming, I have had the opportunity to learn so much from him throughout my college career and will always credit him with strengthening my love for econ and making me into a better student. I so appreciate everything he has taught me throughout my time at F&M!

I want to thank Professor Fowler for always having a positive attitude during class and being so passionate about what he teaches. He was also very accommodating to students’ needs during the pandemic. 

Thank you Professor Franklin for your continuous effort to bring the same intriguing conversations we had on campus into the online classroom and thank you for lowering the workload to accommodate the circumstance. I have appreciated your class and I’m looking forward to taking more in the future! 

Professor Frick has been so communicative and helpful during this unprecedented semester. He truly cares for his students. 

Thank you to Ashley Fry for continuing to be available to meet and for being a constant source of knowledge, advice, and support. 

Julie Gemmell is so caring towards the students during this time. She has been reaching out to the chem students and making sure everyone is doing well, which is very much appreciated.

Professor Goeglein has been a blessing during these difficult times and has shown nothing but compassion and humanity these past several weeks.

Professor Hamalainen has been really great! He modified the syllabus to accommodate us during this tough time. 

I wish I had taken a class with Professor Hammer earlier in my college career and miss seeing him in class every week! He continuously checked in with our class during this time and updated the syllabus accordingly given the circumstances. He deserves major recognition!

Thank you to Professor Hamza for being so understanding and respectful these past few weeks!

Thank you Professor Harnik for all your dad jokes in class! Thank you for caring about our well-being outside the classroom and making every class a safe space.

Professor Harnik was always able to add some much needed, light-hearted humor to our days and never failed to bring our stress levels down in his class check-ins. He will be missed by all of his dear students.

Professor Hart‘s class was very understanding and inspiring. Taking this class has compelled me to ask questions about various cultural practices displayed by my tribe and understand the importance of cultural continuity in modern societies.

Professor Hart did a fantastic job effectively using video lectures to teach us the material. They were engaging and intriguing, just like his lectures are normally.

Professor Hartman was extremely understanding during this difficult time by checking in each class and making sure the work-load was manageable. I’m beyond grateful for professor Hartman’s dedication to her work and more importantly her students by being so approachable. 

I really enjoyed having Professor Hebouche as my French teacher. She’s so nice and deserves recognition for her great teaching skills!

To Professor Bennett Helm: thank you for being the light of our lives, and the endless support you give to every SPM student! With you, we’re the luckiest students in the world.

Professor Helm checked in on me always and really had his heart out for understanding ALL his students’ circumstances. 

Professor Hess is the man! He made chemistry this year so enjoyable and really cares about his students in and out of the class!

Professor Hirsch is a powerhouse! I leave each class learning something new!

Shoutout to Professor Hodos for engaging students in such interesting ways and being a huge support to everyone! 

Working with Professor Jinks taught me so much this semester, even with these difficult circumstances. His patience and enthusiasm in mentoring me has made this experience incredibly rewarding.

Professor Jinks taught me more than I ever thought I could learn in one semester. However challenging it was, his was an undeniably enjoyable and worthwhile class.

Officer Johnston: Thank you so much for continuing to stay connected with us via email and for ensuring that your students know they have a support system at F&M even if they are not there at present. 

Shoutout to Officer Johnston for reminding students that he is their for them no matter what. Officer Johnston, you are beloved on this campus. 

Professor Kibler has done an amazing job transitioning her class to the online format. She is such an empathetic and supportive Professor and is beloved by so many. 

Professor Knowles was transparent with the work that was needed to get done. I’m beyond grateful for professor Knowles’s dedication to her work and more importantly her students by being so approachable and flexible with answering questions. 

Professor Knowles was very understanding and flexible in terms of the workload. Without her constant support and understanding, the semester wouldn’t have been manageable. 

Shoutout to Professor Biko Koenig for being so easy to talk to and for making my F&M experience so incredible. 

Professor Kopchak is a finance wizard. Thank you for everything.

Shoutout to Professor Kourelis for his unique insight and his commitment to his students! 

Professor Labonte truly cares about his student’s well-being, and throughout this hard time he has adjusted class and lab to account for our increased levels of stress. We love you!! 

Professor Labonte‘s class was the best! He explained the concepts clearly and was ALWAYS available even when I had classes during his office hours. His teaching style reminds me of the quote by Sydney J. Harris: “Good teaching must be slow enough so it is not confusing, and fast enough so that it is not boring.”

Thank you Professor Craig Lang for instilling a passion for learning in your students. You have the incredible ability to ensure that students care and are excited about the material. We appreciate you.

Professor Leimgruber, you are such a kind, knowledgeable professor, and I feel so fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to take a class with you. Thank you for your support and dedication to your students. 

Professor Lerner was one of the most understanding professors during these troubling times.  In addition to giving his usual warmth and compassion, he truly understood the situation of his students and adjusted the course accordingly and with our input.

Professor McClelland, thank you for your witty jokes and challenging your students!

Professor Medvic is the best. He’s kept his class interesting and engaging and shown his students how much he cares for us by being so accommodating and supportive. F&M is so lucky to him. 

Professor Medvic was kind enough to host optional weekly Zoom meetings just for our class to get together and chat, and they’ve honestly made quarantine so much better for me. 

Professor Mena-Ali was very caring and his class was engaging. He made the workload manageable and the assignments were set up convenient in an online setting. I am very grateful for having him as a professor!

Professor Shaeeda Mensah has been the most understanding professor this semester under these unfortunate circumstances. I will forever be impressed with how fast she adapted to online classes. She has been absolutely one of my favorite professors I’ve ever had at FandM. Thank you professor for all you have done!

Professor Jennifer Meyer is the absolute best. She is so organized and intelligent and kind. The content and skills I learned in her class will stick with me long after I leave F&M. Thank you for being amazing!

Professor Meyer made the transition online really easy and smooth. She checked on us at the beginning of every class and was very flexible! 

Professor Kirk Miller is a hoot and a holler. He made epidemiology such a fun and rewarding class! 

Professor Miura brought to us fun, yet enriching, knowledge, and made the class as manageable as possible during this difficult period of time. It has been a great pleasure to be his students for the past year.

Professor Modern, I had a genuine passion for learning and discovering more in your class American Spiritualities. I particularly enjoyed the Rock My Religion section. Seeing music as a religion really inspired me to study even more and put extra effort in because it was a very interesting outlook on rock music.

Professor Clara Moore gave me the opportunity to explore scientific research and pushed me out of my comfort zone to see what I am capable of.

Professor Moore‘s class has been my favorite in my four years at F&M. She is so passionate and knowledgeable about the material and goes above and beyond for her students! 

Shoutout to Professor Moore for her unwavering support throughout these past few months and for continuing to believe in her students while adapting to online learning.

Dr. Morford is so genuinely kind and warm. She invests so much in her students and is truly the epitome of the strong F&M professors the school prides itself on having. Thank you for all you do!

Thank you Professor Nesteruk for being readily available for a phone call during this challenging time and for being willing and enthusiastic about discussing course content.

Professor Nimershiem always had a positive attitude. It radiated and helped me get through the day.

Thank you Dr. Norcross for figuring out a way for the orchestra to perform while we were all socially distanced!

Dr. Brian Norcross makes F&M the wonderful place that it is. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your students.

Thank you Professor Novak for the in-class joke. It helped us get through the course. 

Shoutout to Professor O’Bryhim for being the absolute best professor. He is so knowledgeable and so funny, and F&M would not be the same without him. 

Professor O’Bryhim: you have supported so many of us in accomplishing our goals, and I am so thankful for that.

Professor Piro is such a good mentor. She is always there for us, and always ready to listen and to help during this crazy time.

Professor Praton, you went above and beyond through this pandemic and you’re amazing at what you do. Thank you for an awesome semester. 

Professor Ressler has been extremely supportive! He has been very understanding and has done a great job decreasing worry and stress by encouraging us to simply enjoy learning the material. 

Shoutout to Ellie Rice and her extraordinary ability to continue running the Q&SC online.

Professor Roncolato is very understanding and empathetic. Having a professor like her who you know cares means a lot especially during a time like this. 

Professor Olga Sanchez brought great energy to each class and inspired me to really get in touch with myself. 

Shoutout to Professor A. M. Schrader for being so understanding about due dates. I applaud your commitment to actual learning in a time where doing so is difficult.

Professor Schrader was very helpful and realistic about the situation we are in. She always puts the wellbeing of her students before anything else.

Professor Schrecengost reminds me of why I chose F&M years ago. His classes were more than informative, but empowering; he represents the best of F&M professors.

Dr. Tricia Shepherd checked in on me every week to make sure I was doing okay. I was so lonely and needed a lot of encouragement during this time and I am so thankful for her. 

Professor Singer has shown so much kindness to her students during this difficult time and put in so much effort to create an online class environment that I always looked forward to going to. I will be forever grateful for her genuine care and support she has provided and for everything I have had the privilege of learning from her!

Professor Singer always checked up on her advisees and made sure that we were doing alright. She has always gone above and beyond to listen, empathize, and help in whatever way that she can. 

Thank you Professor Steiner for your support and guidance. Your hard work and commitment to your students is unparalleled. 

Thank you Professor Talvitie for being a role model to me. I wish to be half the woman you are. Your work, commitment, and positive attitude encouraged me to keep pushing forward. I am forever grateful for that.

Even though she isn’t my teacher anymore, Professor Tasker reached out to me and talked to me over Google Hangout for over an hour despite it being past midnight because she knew I needed advice.

Professor Theumer is not only an absolutely incredible professor, but person: I truly can’t say enough about how wonderful she is! Her dedication to and support for students is unmatched, and I am beyond thankful to have been taught by her and to continue to learn from her beyond the classroom.

Professor Theumer was transparent with the work that was needed to get done and very approachable during this difficult time. I’m beyond grateful for professor Theumer’s dedication to her work and more importantly her students by being so flexible with answering questions. 

Shoutout to Stacy Thornwall-Rogers for working so hard and continuing to ensure that seniors feel supported at the end of their F&M careers. 

Professor Roomets is always incredibly kind and considerate to all of his students. 

Shoutout to you, Tim!!!! Professor Roth is a very caring professor and advisor. Tim is always making sure that his students are on the right path to success. Especially in this difficult time, he has always reached out in order to provide guidance and support. 

Professor Troy is one of the most inspiring professors that I’ve ever had, and she has been extra thoughtful to students in this difficult time by adapting online lessons and exams that would most accurately reflect student’s abilities. Thank you for all of your hard work, Professor Troy!

Thank you Professor Robert Walter for helping me discover my passion for Geosciences. Your students are lucky to have such a great professor!

Thank you Allison Weaver for your unwavering support. Your tour guides appreciate you, and the program would not be the same without you. We love you so much.

I took Sociology of Gender with Professor Shokooh Valle this semester, and it’s been hands down my favorite class I’ve taken at F&M so far. She is also just such a lovely and kind human being. 

Shoutout to Scott Vine for ensuring that students have all the resources and information they need to continue their research despite being away from campus. He has made the transition to online learning and library resources seamless. Your students appreciate you and are so thankful for all that you’ve done! Thank you, too, to the entire College Library staff.

Professor Wilson is always incredibly supportive of her students, especially during this difficult time. She cares about the subject she teaches and about her students as individuals.

Professor Wilson has managed to move discussion onto Zoom incredibly well, and been incredibly helpful and communicative throughout the process. 

Professor Kerry Wright is such a great teacher! Her radiant smile and love of learning were what made waking up for her 8:30 AM class worth it. 

Professor Yetter-Vassot checked-in on us each zoom class and made sure the work-load was manageable. Her approachable and understanding nature was greatly appreciated.

Thank you Professor Yetter-Vassot for contributing so much to the F&M community and being so committed to your students. It really shows.

Professor Yilmaz always wanted to know how we were doing and showed a genuine interest in our lives.

Many thanks to F&M professors and members of the faculty and professional staff for all of your hard work and consistent dedication to your students and your classes. Your students appreciate the time and energy that you have spent re-structuring courses, checking-in, and ensuring that everyone has felt supported during this transitional turbulent period. 

Thank you to all of the faculty members mentioned above and all of the others who have continued to provide unwavering encouragement and support.

Please reach out to with any comments or questions.

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