PORT Announcements announce-port@fandm.edu

Fri, Sep 25, 3:00 PM

Dear F&M Community:

Since early in the term, the Pandemic Operations Response Team (PORT) has published a COVID-19 dashboard each Tuesday containing up-to-date information on F&M’s COVID-19 testing, numbers in quarantine and isolation, and other aspects of the College’s pandemic operations. During entry testing (the period in which all students were tested twice upon arrival), this dashboard was updated semi-weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays. Starting today, September 25, we are again updating the dashboard on the website every Tuesday and Friday, and PORT will continue to send their weekly email report on Tuesdays.

As the academic year moves forward and our procedures evolve, we are changing the format and the content of the dashboard to better reflect the available information and communicate clearly with our community. The latest iteration of F&M’s COVID-19 Dashboard will focus more on surveillance testing, numbers in quarantine and isolation, wastewater testing results, and other COVID-19 indicators at F&M and beyond. We will focus less on entry testing—although those data will still be provided.

Over time, the dashboard and its information will continue to evolve. We will archive previous COVID-19 dashboards at this location:


We recognize and appreciate the community’s desire for frequent information regarding our status at this most difficult and unusual of times, and will continue to provide accurate and timely updates. We also want to express our deep appreciation for our students, who continue to show up for testing and are working hard to follow the pledge, as well as for all those who have contributed to the safety of our campus by helping to de-densify our residence halls and classrooms. Thank you!

Best wishes,

Alan Caniglia

Vice President for Strategic Initiatives

On behalf of the members of PORT