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Tue, Nov 17, 5:00 PM

F&M COVID-19 Alert Level as of November 17, 2020

F&M COVID-19 Update as of November 17, 2020

Full-Time Students Total2259
Students In-Residence or Commuting1453
COVID-19 Indicator#As % of Students In-Residence or Commuting
In Quarantine* On Campus(at risk and waiting for test result)533.6%
In Isolation On Campus (positive test)141.0%
In Quarantine* at Home241.7%
In Isolation at Home (positive test)90.6%
In Hospital00.0%
Cumulative Positive Tests Since Arrival (Entry/Surveillance testing plus clinical work)50This does not include cases among remote students unless they have reported them to us.
Current Active Cases of COVID-19(individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are still in isolation)231.6%

*In Quarantine indicators include students who were identified as contacts in contact tracing or are symptomatic, but not confirmed positives. 

Additional data, including entry testing, surveillance testing, wastewater testing, and FPS testing is available in F&M’s COVID-19 Dashboard.

F&M COVID-19 Update Notes

  • IMPORTANT: On Thursday, Nov. 12, the College elevated the alert level from Moderate to High with additional risk-mitigation strategies in place (see campus reminders below). Our protocols currently allow us to contain, isolate, and remediate small flare-ups; however, if circumstances continue to worsen, the campus community will need to implement more aggressive protocols to mitigate further spread of the virus, such as modified quarantine. Students may also choose to implement their own risk-mitigation strategies, such as adhering to a self-imposed modified quarantine until move-out, or moving out early and finishing the term as a remote learner. (Students who wish to move out early should contact their House Dean and remove all items from their room per the move-out protocol.)
  • There are currently 23 active cases of COVID-19 among F&M students who have been on campus. Of the 23 students who have tested positive, 14 are in isolation in Schnader and the remainder have gone home. Of the 77 students who are in quarantine as a result of contact tracing, 9 are in Schnader, 44 are in off-campus housing, and 24 are at home.
  • Wastewater results for the week of Nov. 9 indicated trace amounts of the COVID-19 virus in the wastewater of Roschel College House (formerly known as New College House). Given that the viral load is very small and we have already identified students who, prior to testing positive for COVID-19, were living in that residence when the samples were taken, we will not be requiring any additional quarantine or surveillance testing at this time.
  • The Nov. 9 and 10 modified universal testing identified 7 positive cases of COVID-19. Per our protocol, the College followed up with contact tracing. The remaining 471 students tested negative. No employees tested positive for COVID-19 out of the 78 employees who were tested. We have completed contact tracing, and students have moved into quarantine or isolation as necessary. 

Pandemic Operations Updates

  • Per our Module 2 COVID-19 testing strategy, individuals in Group C were or will be tested for the second time yesterday (Nov. 16), today (Nov. 17), and tomorrow (Nov. 18). This is the final round of modified universal testing for the term. This week (Nov. 16-18), the College is also offering exit testing to students in Group A and B, and employees working on campus. Nearly 80% of the student population is participating in COVID-19 testing before move-out, and many others intend to be tested for COVID-19 or self-quarantine when they arrive home. We are proud of our students for taking the initiative to protect the health of their families and communities.
  • This week’s test results will be shared in the COVID-19 dashboard update on the College’s pandemic operations website this Friday. However, should PORT receive results that we, in partnership with our healthcare consultants, determine to present significant risk to the community, we will share the results and our response plan with the community as soon as they are available.
  • Given the rising cases of COVID-19 and the likelihood of flu season and COVID-19 intersecting around our February 1 start date, we have decided to hold firm to our original decision to de-densify campus in the spring. First-years (with the exceptions of transfer students and commuters) will need to study remotely next term. As was the case in the fall, we will have a petition form for first-year students who have a specific need to return to campus.
  • In order to prepare effectively for the start of Module 3, members of the Class of 2021, 2022, and 2023 should fill out the Spring 2021 Commitment Form to share with us their planned status by Dec. 2, 2020.

Campus Reminders

  • All in-person social activities and events, including athletic practices, are suspended until further notice. All activities / events should be moved online or postponed / canceled.
  • It is critical that everyone coming to campus follow the F&M Pledge. Show up for your scheduled COVID-19 test. Wear a mask (properly covering your mouth and nose) at all times. Practice physical distancing. Wash your hands frequently. Refrain from attending gatherings.
  • The number of COVID-19 cases in Lancaster County has risen substantially in recent weeks, and the positivity rate (9.6%) is currently double the target level (less than 5%). We highly discourage students from leaving campus, except to go to their off-campus residences. Visitors from outside the campus community continue to be strictly limited in accordance with our visitor policy. We should all treat every person, including our friends and classmates, as if they have the virus. Limit in-person social interactions and, when possible, arrange for meetings and events to take place virtually. 
  • Students who present symptoms must immediately notify the Student Wellness Center. 
  • Schnader Hall is serving as the quarantine and isolation facility on campus. No student is permitted to enter Schnader unless they are moved there for quarantine or isolation. Please keep your distance from the building. If you wish to connect with classmates or friends in quarantine / isolation, use a virtual means such as FaceTime or Zoom.
  • Campus residences will close for all residents at noon THIS Sunday, Nov. 22. All students living in residence halls and college-owned properties will sign up for a departure time to move out between Nov. 19 and Nov. 22, and must depart campus housing by noon on Nov. 22. (The College is prepared to accommodate students who need to quarantine or isolate in Schnader Hall, and are unable to return home, beyond Nov. 22).  Information on move-out is available on the website.
  • Students with leases in college-approved off-campus properties do not need to depart according to the move-out schedule. However, those students will not have access to campus, including services. Behavioral issues will be reported to the Dean of Students.
  • Between modules 2 and 3, we will have an extended winter break to avoid having students on campus during the height of flu season and a possible spike in COVID-19 cases. No students may remain on campus during the winter break and all campus services will be closed. The Student Wellness Center will be available to students who remain in off-campus housing, but only during open hours, which will be limited during the holidays.

Updated information is always available for your convenience on the College’s pandemic operations information website.