By Jack Kupsky, Diplomatic Congress Public Relations Officer||

     In this week’s meeting of the Diplomatic Congress (DipCon), Scott Onigman ’15, vice president, began by discussing the final results of the October Library Experiment. These results showed that students have a preference for a late night study space more than a preference for a specific library. He presented these results to the Board of Trustees as part of a continuing effort to support student interests.
     On Tuesday, February 17th, beginning at 11:30, the Diplomatic Congress will be hosting the second installment of the F&M Forum series in Ware College House. This discussion will target issues of mental health and wellness on campus. Statistics have shown that F&M has higher levels of stress than the average college campus, so we hope that this forum will facilitate discussion between students, faculty, and professional staff in order to find ways to improve mental health and wellness on our campus. The gathered information will lead to a healthier community. This is a very serious issue, and we look forward to hearing your opinion on it.
     Another topic of discussion was Yik Yak. Many people, including members of the Diplomatic Congress, use the app for various reasons, including discussing campus activities, joking about their GPA, and airing grievances about the campus. These yaks are mostly for community-wide entertainment; however, we are deeply bothered by recent violent threats and ongoing hurtful and intolerant remarks made on the application. We need to do better as a community. That said, the application should not be used as a form of threat to the community. If you have something you would like to see changed on campus, we would love to hear from you! So, please get in contact with us.
     More information abut DipCon can be found at their Facebook page: DiplomaticCongress?ref=hl

Sophomore Jack Kupsky is the Public Relations Officer of the Diplomatic Congress. His email is