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The Diplomatic Congress, or DipCon, held its annual Executive Board elections April 2 in Steinman College Center.

A booth staffed by members of DipCon’s election committee was open in the Steinman College Center from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. for students to cast their ballots.

DipCon advocates for students. As a liaison between students and administration, DipCon leaders solve problems present on campus.

“The elections this year did seem to go slightly smoother than prior years, but I think that could be attributable to a few different things,” said Kelly Kennedy ’04, director of College programs and adviser for DipCon.

A total of eight candidates ran for four positions on DipCon’s Executive Board: president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary. The results of the election were announced Wednesday, April 3. Abigail Quint ’15, who ran unopposed, was elected president; Matthew Haller ’14 was elected vice-president; Dylan Jennings ’14 was elected treasurer; and Matthew O’Shea ’14 was elected secretary.

“Cowan ran a great race, and I am glad F&M thought I was the best person for this job,” Haller said, who was elected over Joseph Cowan ’14.

Haller plans on increasing awareness for DipCon and focusing on being personable with students during his term.

“Care about your campus!” Haller said. “You only have four years here, so make the most of them, and be the change that you want to see! Almost anything is possible at F&M, which is what makes us such a special institution.”

“I hope to do this campus proud by continuing the great work that Jason Port, the former treasurer, has done over the past year,” Jennings said.

During his term, Jennings hopes to work with other members of the Executive Board to come up with a series of ideas to implement in the coming year. His main concerns are looking into better on-campus eating options, providing forums to discuss arming Public Safety officers, and being a major force for pushing DipCon ideas.

“I encourage anybody with any ideas to improve [the College] to approach us to make this campus better for everyone,” Jennings said.

DipCon’s new secretary, O’Shea, thanked his opponent Sofy Maxman ’16 for running and for her service to F&M.

“I hope she still remains engaged in campus life and DipCon,” O’Shea said.

One of his goals is to establish a new attendance policy that encourages open discussion.

“I hope students remain active in campus life and realize the importance of speaking up for direct change,” O’Shea said.

The elections were a success, and Kennedy is excited to be working with the Diplomatic Congress Executive Board.

“I have enjoyed working with this past year’s group, and I am thankful for the time and attention they have given their roles,” Kennedy said. “I am always excited to see how the next year will unfold.”

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