Photo Courtesy of Lily Vining.

By Teagan Durkin || Staff Writer

You know their cozy cafe ambience paired with eclectic creativity, you love that their drink wheel settles any agonizing indecisiveness over what to order, and you appreciate that their store mascot bears a striking resemblance to a certain verdant plant.

Endo Cafe is a Lancaster staple, and only a short walk from the Franklin and Marshall College campus at 237 N Prince St. Nestled next to an old brick wall decked with ivy—perfect for any desirable Instagram photo shoots—and bearing an unassuming but personalized entryway, everyone can find their place within this cafe’s welcoming environment. When you first walk in, you’re greeted by an open space tastefully filled with an assortment of items. A trolley cart stocked with paper, pens, and stickers invites aspiring artists of any age to create. Several ducks are hidden amongst the store’s various products; a particularly handsome duck is nestled by the store’s specialty CBD gummies. Tucked to the side is a rotating pop-up shop featuring various local artists. If one visited Endo’s Cafe recently, they would have been treated to an oasis of colorful paper displays, some featuring beloved Studio Ghibli characters, others showing bewildered orange cats.

The drink menu boasts an assortment of hot and cold beverages, and the baked goods display cabinet can satisfy any sweet cravings. If you’re a planner, all of Endo’s drink prices are posted on the website. If you enjoy a bit of spontaneity, take a chance spinning the featured drinks wheel and see what fate selects for you. If you suffer from stomach pain due to an obsessive commitment to coffee, consider adding some calming CBD to the drink. Whatever you desire, Endo Cafe promises to fulfill it. 

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