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As the school year comes to a close, we can look back over the course of the year and be really proud of the year this school has had. Even in the face of scandals and other obstacles, as always F&M has main- tained a respectable and honorable community, rife with prevalent improvements and impressive accomplishments.

From the awesome Lupe Fiasco concert to the other amazing events over the course of the year (see our earlier articles about the great amount of recent student involvement on campus), we could not have asked for a more eventful 2011-2012 school year. While not every weekend was the most eventful of all time, each one held exciting and action-packed events that ensured a lively and involved campus.

This allowed students to feel even more connected to one another and the community, partaking in these fun events together, and maintaining the true feel of a community. Finally, with an awesome culminating weekend before exams in the form of A Closer Look and Spring Arts, the community came together to celebrate the school and show it off to prospective students. With the beautiful weather allowing for great outdoor events (I mean, who doesn’t love the adorable Heifer International Ware in the World goat every year?) and wonderfully successful community events (Alpha Phi’s Eat Your Heart Out raised over $1000!), this school year is really going out with a bang.

I’m quite aware that I’m only a sophomore, and thus do not have a huge range of experience from which to observe how great the school year was; however, I truly saw a change in the campus from last year to this year. With all of us coming together to celebrate the school in the form of activities and events every weekend, it’s easy to remember why we all came to F&M and why we love it.

All this is not to say I’m not looking forward to the summer. In fact, quite the opposite: I absolutely can’t wait until the bipolarity of the weather calms down long enough to enjoy a few beach days when I’m not working, and not having school work for a few months will definitely be a big plus. But all of this will occur with the pride in remembering the greatness of this past school year, incredibly impressed by the events that brought us all together and gave us a chance to prove ourselves. As we look to next year, let’s make sure we make it rock just as much, not resting on our laurels but instead allowing the greatness of this past year to set a precedent for all that we can accomplish in the future.

Even as we look to oncoming struggles and look at past mistakes of the year, I think it is most important that we give ourselves the summer as an opportunity to look at the past year and allow for some much needed rest. Thanks for a great time this year everyone! Thank you to everyone who put time and effort into planning great events and bringing the community together in new and awesome ways. Whether you happen to be partaking in a killer internship this summer, working your butt off at your experiential summer job, or using these moments as one last chance to lounge in the shade of your parents’ doting, allow yourself to have a moment of relaxation. We deserve it, F&M!

Questions? Email Sara at sara.blank@fandm.edu.

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