By Erin Maxwell || News Editor

“School shut down on my birthday,” says Amaya McIntyre-Taylor, a first-year student from the Bronx, New York. “Two weeks had turned into eighteen months. I’m just glad to see faces again, and sit in a classroom.”

Like the rest of the first-year students, Amaya never got to walk across the stage and turn her tassel, but she says walking across the F&M campus makes all the sacrifices worth it. “Online learning was a nightmare, but so far college has been a dream,” she says- and she can’t wait to get started.

As a POSSE scholar, Amaya is a motivated student and isn’t afraid to work hard. “I know this is a rigorous school, but I know I’m prepared,” she says, listing off the college courses she already completed during her high school career, and the impressive list of summer jobs she had.  Potentially majoring in Business and Math, Amaya has big plans for her future and knows exactly what she’s going to do to get there. “I want to get as much of the college experience as possible,” she says. “I want to study abroad in Greece or Italy, I want to get a job in the area, I want to be an HA, and I want to join as many activities as I can!”

Amaya already has her eye on some student organizations, and plans for her own as well. She wants to get involved with S.I.S.T.E.R.S., B.S.U., A.C.A., and to create a club women’s lacrosse team. “I picked up lacrosse in 9th grade, and I’ve loved it ever since. I wish that there was a place for me to play without the pressure of D3 sports, and I know there are others on campus that feel the same way.”

Although she loves her newfound independence, Amaya misses home and lights up when talking about her family. “I’m so grateful for my crazy family,” she says with a grin. “My mom and I lived right below my grandparents, so I used to run upstairs and raid their fridge, and help them out around the house. I know they miss me, but they’re excited for me too.” 

“I know I will love it here,” she says. “I just can’t wait to get started.”

Welcome to Lancaster, Amaya! We can’t wait to see all that you accomplish, and how far you will go!

Erin Maxwell is a junior and the News Editor for The College Reporter. Her email is