Written by Jamie Belfer || Sports Editor

F&M’s men’s and women’s squash teams are quickly approaching the home stretch of the 2019-2020 season.  Both teams are fighting to earn their final victories of the regular season in hopes of rolling into the playoffs with fuel and fire.  

The men’s squash team has dominated throughout the entire season, earning a record of 12-4, with seven shutout victories.  With only two regular season matches left, they are looking to have continued success as they soon venture into playoff season.

The Diplomats had an especially strong winning streak in the middle of their season, defeating 6 straight competitors including No. 19 ranked Middlebury and No. 20 ranked Williams.  After falling to Cornell in a close 5-4 match, the Diplomats were able to bounce back this past Wednesday, January 29, to defeat No. 18 Navy, 8-1, an impressive victory.  

F&M’s men’s squash team is loaded with strong competitors.  First-year, Teddy Eill, is currently 14-1 on the season, with his only loss coming early on in the season.  Junior co-captain Sanjay Jeeva, has won 13 out of his 16 matches, competing mainly in the first position. Senior co-captain Yannis Senkel has also had a terrific season with only three losses.   

With a talented and dedicated team, the Diplomats should be the team to watch out for in the Mid-Atlantic Squash Championship where they will head to Washington D.C to compete, starting February 7.

The Diplomat women’s squash team has also had a successful season with a 6-5 record, including one 9-0 shutout.  The team has won five of their last eight matches. They showed true strength and tenacity in a narrow 5-4 victory against Dickinson.  Senior co-captain Julia Bevan came up big for the Diplomats with a comeback victory to secure a huge Diplomat win. The Diplomats had previously lost to Dickinson in their last 6 matches. 

The No. 19 F&M women’s squash team also upset No. 17 Tufts in a 6-3 victory in the middle of the season.  Co-captain Emily Knapp, senior Katherine Galambos, first year Sam Sankaran, and junior Grace Smith all played with grit to defeat their opponents in five sets. This determination and strength shown by the Diplomats prove they will be a dominant force in the playoffs to come.

Although falling to their latest three competitors, the Diplomats are looking to end their season on a high note in their last two matches against Bates and Bowdoin.  The Diplomats are ready to face their opponents as a tough contender in the Mid-Atlantic Squash Championship.

The Diplomat squash teams have prepared for the postseason by competing against challenging and ranked competitors throughout the entire season.  It will be exciting to watch how their preparation will pay off in the playoffs. It is up to them to continue to play with tenacity and toughness to have continued success.

Jamie Belfer is a sophomore and the Sports Editor, her email is jbelfer@fandm.edu