By Jamie Belfer || Sports Editor

The return to campus for F&M students was like no other.  Having to quarantine anywhere between 24 hours and over 2 weeks lead to an unusually deserted Hartman Green with more students cooped up inside for the start of the 2020 school year.  Yet, both in and out of quarantine, students are finding creative ways to stay active, get their sweat on, destress, and fuel their competitive spirits.  

Elizabeth Suvias, a junior from Texas, had to stay in quarantine until she received her second negative test result.  Although she had to spend many days inside, she was able to get moving and make the most out of her space with different workouts.  She says, “I brought my resistance band and jump rope from home. Although it was a little tight to work out in my room because of the limited space, I tried to make it fun by having uplifting workout music!” Elizabeth also uses YouTube to check out some meditation videos.

Several students have chosen to stay active by taking advantage of F&M’s online and in-person yoga sessions.  Senior Hannah Salvucci commented on a yoga session she attended on a Saturday morning on Hartmann Green. She thought “it was rejuvenating and a great way to start the day.” With yoga being a “great stress-reliever,” Hannah hopes to continue practicing yoga during the module system to get outside and get a brain break from classes.  

With limited time slots and a much different looking ASFC, many students have been taking advantage of the Williamson track and field. Sophomore Kat Gunther had never worked out on Williamson before this year but has found a new appreciation for the ability to work out in the fresh air. Over the summer, Kat worked out with some friends from school virtually and now loves being able “to exercise in real life with my friends.” Kat especially enjoys how she can utilize the track, bleachers, and field to do a variety of exercises. 

Some students have greatly enjoyed having an actual gym to work out in.  Junior Danielle Rice was happy to finally set foot in the ASFC, as her gyms at home were closed this summer.  Additionally, after being in quarantine on campus for two weeks, Danielle was especially grateful “to take walks around campus to get fresh air and Vitamin D.” Overall Danielle loves getting “the best of both worlds” by being able to stay active both outside and in indoor facilities.  

Although F&M sports have been canceled up through the beginning of 2021, senior softball player Ella Glenn remains optimistic for the spring season.  After only playing 4 games in her junior season, Ella is looking to get back on the field as soon as possible.  Even though Ella recognizes that “the fall season is going to be a little different than usual,” she is “very excited to get back on the field” and “simply have a catch with [her] teammates.” Ella is looking forward to using softball as a stress-relieving outlet during the fall semester and fuel her competitive spirit. 

Students are finding various ways to stay active during this very different semester.  Whether it’s trying out Williamson for the first time, exercising in their room, participating in intramural or club sports and fitness classes offered by the college, or going for a casual walk around campus to get a change of scenery, students are working to stay active. Getting moving is especially important and a great way to destress in the new fast-paced module system. As Elizabeth told us, “Mental health is especially important in these times, and exercising is a great way to destress and allow yourself time for some self-care.”

Junior Jamie Belfer is the Sports Editor. Her email is