By Steven Viera || Senior Editor

According to this article on F&M’s website, the College is retiring its 11-year old web-based software server by the end of the year. The article noted there are no longer any resources available at the former address of the software server,, and that address will refer people to new resources.

F&M’s Information Technology Services (ITS) has spent several months establishing a service via Google Drive that would allow members of the community to learn about the various
technology resources available.

The article indicates that there are two versions of the technology resources online: The worldwide tech resources available to all members of the F&M community, including alumni, prospective students and parents, and former faculty and professional staff, and another resource available only to current students, faculty, and professional staff; the latter requires that community members enter their F&M log-in information and password in order to access the service.

These resources offer guidelines that explain each service offered through ITS, including background information, where to get training, and where to go for help using the particular service.

Both of these technology information portals are available here.

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