This presidential election has been polarizing to say the least. It is very rare to hear someone say that they really are fine with either candidate winning. Whether you’re a Trump or Clinton supporter, one simple fact remains: we must be respectful. One of the greatest things about living in America is freedom of speech. This country was built on a democracy that allows every individual to express his or her opinions without fear of persecution or punishment. It’s what makes our country great and Tuesday is a perfect example. Those of whom think Hillary Clinton would be the better fit to lead our country can cast their vote for her on Tuesday. Likewise, if someone thinks Donald Trump is the better candidate, they can vote for him in this election. Rather than getting caught up in political parties and contrasting viewpoints, we can view this election as a chance to have your voices heard. Get out and cast your vote and pick the candidate you feel is most likely to deliver your vision of how you would like the United States to be run. There are plenty of countries in the world that fight every single day for their right to have their votes and opinions heard. Because we live in a country where we are freely allowed to do so, we must take advantage and elect the best candidate for the 45th president of our great nation.