It may seem a bit silly to point this out, but we of The College Reporter really like journalism. We’re really into free speech. We like getting to follow what’s happening on campus and what’s happening the world. We love our little paper. We value what we do. Because we think that our paper, this space here, can be a really effective place to generate on-campus dialogue about on-campus issues. And we think that if there’s one thing this campus could use, it’s a student body who is willing to talk.

And occasionally, we get an article or an editorial that does drag some people out of their stupor, that does get people talking. People will even go out of their way to read it! And this, we love. We are insecure and worry that people barely read this paper. But as controversial articles are published and feelings are hurt, here’s something to keep in mind: if you want to respond to an article, think about responding in the form of an editorial. Craft an argument and write a thing. Then email that thing to us, and have your voice heard.

What you shouldn’t do, for example, is approach a writer and demand to know how they could write such filth. Try to not, say, harass or antagonize someone who wrote something you disagree with. Maybe don’t light their dog on fire. And try to avoid, if you can, repeatedly calling their mother at 3 am to ask how she could raise scum like said writer. We are not saying anyone has ever done these crazytown things. But we feel this advice bears mentioning all the same. Because at the end of the day, everyone has the same right to write as you do. Remember that, and respond accordingly.

Don’t get angry or disrespectful when someone publishes something you disagree with; instead, just get writing in return. We all have a unique opportunity to make our voices heard in this community, and you should take advantage of it, too.

So, if you read an article and you have something to say, we ask that you say it to us. We would like to start a dialogue. Share your voice with us, and we will share it with our campus.