By The Editors at The College Reporter

The recent election of President Donald Trump has undoubtedly been a polarizing and controversial issue over the past few weeks. There are obviously those who will celebrate in Trump’s victory, while there are many who are outraged by the result. We at The College Reporter respect both sides of the argument and encourage everyone to remain respectful of each other’s views, regardless of how strongly one may disagree. Our country’s constitution gives us the basic right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech and this we must all keep in mind. The recent Women’s March on Washington exhibited the effectiveness of peaceful protest: people of all political views, races, and religions coming together peacefully in order to voice their opinions is an integral part of our country’s democratic process and our society’s political function. We must remember that those who oppose Trump also have the right to intellectual, journalistic dissent, while those who do not feel the same way have the right to respond. We at The College Reporter support the publication of opinion and editorial pieces from all points of view. By keeping an open mind and expressing our viewpoints in a controlled and peaceful way, we can help create an educative forum of understanding. The College Reporter encourages anyone who wishes to voice their opinion peacefully on the recent election results to do so and encourages everyone to remain respectful, even when it remains difficult to do so.