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“Let destiny determine our fate,” said Todd Cavallaro, men’s lacrosse head coach, as he was making his playoff prediction.

Coming off a win against Swarthmore College, the Diplomats were eager to climb up in the conference standings as they faced Haverford College. However, they would fall short in a 9-8 loss. Despite the loss, Cavallaro was content with the team effort put forth in Saturday’s loss.

“Our players work hard at what they do; we have a young group of guys that always want to go the extra mile,” Cavallaro said.

In the victory against Swat, Jordan Barr ’13 was the hero, finding the back of the net three times in the 12-4 win. The Dips drew blood first as Sean Kenny ’13 found Ben Ross ’15 for a quick goal to open up the game.

“We have got a great group of guys this year,” Cavallaro said. “They communicate well, they work hard and perform to the best
of their abilities on the field.”

Barr’s first goal came off a feed from Kevin Kilpatrick ’14, immediately followed by an A.J. Reichert ’13 goal as the Dips jumped out to a 3-0 lead.

“I am very happy with the team and how they played against Swarthmore,” Cavallaro said. “Both teams played very well, yet at the end the best team won. We try to take everything one step at a time and try to improve from previous games.”

This year, Cavallaro has changed up his game plan, and is trying to connect everything together, pointing out that only the best of the best will get to play.

“At the end of the day we take the grades out, and try to put the best player in,” Cavallaro said.

“Haverford is a very tough team to beat,” Cavallaro said. “They are in our conference, and winning against any conference team is always important for our playoff hopes.”

Both F&M and Haverford played well on Saturday and the result was a nail-biting loss for the Dips. For Cavallaro and the team, it wasn’t a loss for them because they now have an idea of what they need to improve on, and will be ready for the next time they face the Fords.

“We are looking forward to ending the season in the right notion and hoping to make it to the playoffs,” Cavallaro said. “We have a strong group of guys here and I know we can win every game if we put our minds to it. Right now, we are hoping for the best. This year we are going to lose a lot of seniors, but fortunately, we’ll have a great group of freshman coming in for us.”

The Dips have two conference competitions coming up, against Gettysburg and Dickinson College. Both games will be vital for the Diplomats, as they look to finish their season with a bang, and enter the playoffs ready to fight.

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