Since I was a little kid, I have loved listening to music in the car. Back then it was Disney but now it’s Beyonce, Rihanna, and Dolly Parton, sometimes Disney when I am in the mood. I used to ask my parents to play music right when we got in the car. Furthermore, in elementary school, I tried out the violin for two years; third grade and fourth grade, and realized that violin wasn’t my thing, so when I was in sixth grade I started playing the flute and have been playing since then. 

The flute has been a part of my life for a long time. My favorite type of music to play is holiday music because it brings out the holiday spirit. In high school, we played the Polar Express and a Christmas medley.  I have always loved listening to Christmas music, especially Christmas medlies. All four years of high school, I was in the marching band. “Shattered” was my favorite show to perform and we earned 1st place twice in competitions. This is my favorite because this show comes with many different good memories. 

Listening and playing a musical instrument are so calming and relaxing. Taking a break from studying and attending SWE (Symphonic Wind Ensemble) rehearsals sometimes, I need to distract myself from the stress and the homework in all my classes. Listening to music while working can help you get stuff done. Beyonce, Rihanna, and Dolly Parton’s music is normally what I listen to now. I love listening to their music and it makes me feel happy. My favorite songs to listen to are Halo, Diamonds, and 9 to 5 respectively. I have always wanted to go to a concert but the tickets are really expensive. Music has a lot to do with different kinds of emotion. Both are very interconnected. Some music makes me feel happy and sometimes it makes me feel sad. I named this article “Journey Through Music” because of the different kinds of emotions I feel. 

Listening to music helps calm my thoughts and emotions. The benefits of music makes your mental health better. Mental health is very important to me and I truly do believe that music can make you feel better. I listen to music whenever I feel the need to listen to music. I listen to music whenever I feel like it will calm me down and put me into a different world. Listening to music helps calm me and my mind down. Music makes me feel less anxious, relieves stress, and tension. When I listen to music I am able to focus on my work and finish it. Music put me into a different world. 

Symphonic Wind Ensemble is my favorite downtime activity when I am not studying. I really enjoy it a lot. SWE rehearses every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:45-6:15. Dr. Norcross conducts SWE and makes it really fun. He explains every part of music, like rhythms and phrases, thoroughly. Dr. Norcross is a very encouraging, motivating, and helpful person. He is always available to help when you need it and is very insightful. He understands what his students are feeling and the situation. 

Not only has SWE been fun but I have learned many things but the most important thing was learning how to grow as a musician.  He taught me different ways to believe in myself and to have confidence in my abilities. Dr. Norcross told me that he was impressed by my hard work and dedication. Since joining SWE, there has been a lot of growth in my skills both artistically and musically. I am able to play music more thoroughly and confidently. Having weekly music lessons with Dr. Norcross has helped me a lot. Also, practicing and marking my music up has really helped me. Dr. Norcross is a really good conductor and he always makes sure to give everyone words of encouragement and compliments. Music is something that I am very much interested in and am considering to pursue a music performance minor in. Music is something that I want to keep in my life as long as possible. Music adds importance to my life. Music isn’t just a hobby, it is a part of my life as a passion.

Freshman Anika Singhal is a Contributing Writer. Her email is