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For most F&M students, course registration brings about undue anxiety and visions of waiting in long lines outside the College Center. The F&M administration is working on a new way to combat the many qualms students have about the current registration system. On Jan. 28 and 29 the College’s new course registration system was taken for a trial run.

Under the old system a complex algorithm was used to determine students’ schedules, and students did not know their schedule for a period of two weeks.

“The old system [of course registration] was incredibly difficult to use,” said Kristen Lee, ’15. “People had a difficult time getting the classes they really needed. As a potential psychology major, I really needed a psychology class, but I wasn’t about to go stand out in the cold to get one, and, like most people, I just settled for what I was given.”

The new course registration system offers immediate feedback, and in the case a student does not get his or her first choice, he or she is able to pick a second right away. The new system avoids the long lines outside the College Center of students waiting to fill their schedules.

Under the new system, students still need to meet with their advisors, plan out classes, and receive their individualized codes.

The new course registration system is part of F&M’s Project BOOST, which is short for Building on Opportunities for Streamlined Technology. F&M’s Enterprise Resource Planning is using this project to upgrade software systems managing student and academic information, human resources, finances and admission. This six-million-dollar project’s objective is to replace and enhance current systems, enhance strategic decision making, reporting and forecasting, to streamline access to information, reduce paper use and redundant data entry, and finally to preserve the security and integrity of data.

This program was kicked off in January 2010. Housing, payroll, course registration, and management will be updated and streamlined using this system. Students can already see Project BOOST in the works through the launch of Inside F&M on Dec. 14, a replacement for MyDiplomat.

Inside F&M allows students to check their email, class schedules, and manage their work hours online.

Inside F&M also allows students to see which classes each department is offering, put themselves on waiting lists, and check for time conflicts.

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