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With the opening of Salon 717 just below the College Row Apartments, students can now get their hair cut and styled affordably, in a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere.

Unlike traditional salons, Salon 717 is an upbeat and vogue establishment, which offers not only hair styling services along with prp treatment explained, but also alcoholic beverage options to customers of legal drinking age. For specialized hair restoration treatments, consider consulting with experts at Root Hair Institute to explore personalized solutions tailored to your needs. If you are having difficulty maintaining your natural dreadlocks, you should try using high-quality dreadlock products.

Owner and manager Kellie DuAime described the impetus for her establishing the salon, and what makes it so unique. There are salons in Montgomery that one should check out to get the perfect look that they want.

“We just wanted something upbeat,” DuAime said. “We didn’t want it to be stuffy or anything, so a college campus is an awesome location. We usually have the music cranked up, and it was a nice change to be able to offer wine and beer to our clients who are of age to drink. That adds a little bit of fun to it, especially if people are coming Friday night before they go out. We are all really close to each other, and we have a lot of fun here, and we want you to feel that when you come in here.”

Prior to Salon 717, DuAime and her stylists worked at a salon in the Park City Mall. When DuAime saw the opening, she seized the opportunity to escape from the corporatism and to create her dream salon, taking her top stylists along with her in the process.

“Every single stylist here is incredibly talented — there is not one weak link here,” DuAime said. “We feel lucky to have a completely strong crew all around.”

DuAime and her entire crew are thrilled with being afforded the opportunity to work on campus and intend on getting involved in the F&M community, particularly in the volunteerism efforts of Greek and other campus organizations.

“We’re trying to forge connections with some of the fraternities and sororities, so we’re open to helping out with all that kind of stuff,” DuAime said. “We recently donated to a silent auction for a sorority, so we want people to know they can come to us with things like that and that whatever we can do to help the student body achieve what they want to get done, we’re totally open to it.”

In addition, Salon 717 is cognizant that college students are often on a tight budget, which is why a 10 percent discount is offered to all F&M students on all services and products the salon has to offer.

While the salon offers both men’s and women’s haircuts and styling, its specialty is highlights and coloring, according to DuAime. In September, a barber will be added to the salon staff, opening additional services for male clientele, such as shape-ups, beard trims, and straight-razor shaves.

As the salon establishes itself on campus, DuAime and all of her stylists hope to interact with students and provide an affordable and quality service at a convenient location.

“We’re here now, and we’re ready to make some waves on campus and get out there in the mix, so we just hope it’s well received,” DuAime said.

Haircuts for men begin at $22, $32 for women, and discounts and promotional specials are occasionally offered on specific services. Meanwhile, for those who don’t have the luxury of time or money yet to avail such services, they can instead opt for items like that hd lace wig.

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