By Sophie Afdhal || Sports Editor

During my Beginnings roommate interview, I was asked what I was looking for at college. I immediately told her that I was looking for a great education, to make enduring friendships, and to create memories and experiences that I would remember for a lifetime. At the time, it seemed to me like a big request. Four years later, I have to thank F&M for just that. As hard as I have fought to deny the idea, the reality of impending graduation of the senior class is upon us. This is rather horrifying, as we get thrown into the real world, but to me, the worst part will be saying goodbye to dear old F&M. So in light of my departure, I have a few words of thanks, nostalgia, and advice.

When I picture the girl who arrived on this campus four years ago, I can’t even recognize her and that doesn’t disappoint me. F&M did not personally build my character or the person I have become. Rather, F&M does something more special. It provides us with every possible opportunity, ours for the taking. I think it’s easy, when surrounded by certain negative views, to lose sight of the positive aspects of this campus. Yes, there are problems with course registration and maybe the administration attempts large-scale changes too quickly, but most of the time this campus can get too caught up in this day-to-day drama. I truly believe that at this college and in life, our experiences are what we make them. I encourage those of you who haven’t found your club, major, passion, etc. to try everything. There is nothing wrong with being that kid in 20 clubs freshman year and taking your time to find the one you love. I didn’t get involved in most of my activities until my sophomore and junior year and they shaped my college experience entirely for the better.

In one of my favorite staff mastheads, we encouraged seniors not to “do less.” Part of what made my senior year extraordinary was engaging in every opportunity that came my way. To me, opportunities are the point of college. The College Reporter gave me the chance to gain new skills, meet new people, and engage in the campus in a different way as Sports Editor. There are clubs and professors and research grants that are yours for the taking. I hope you make college a meaningful experience for yourselves and I hope that if you’re currently or when you’re in this position to graduate, you can remember F&M positively as a place where you had the chance to reach your full potential. As for me, as painful as it is to say goodbye to my fellow staffers, sisters, professors, and friends, they have enriched my experience more than I could have hoped for and for that I am eternally grateful.