In this week’s movie micro-news…

Batman Versus Superman release date moved to 2016

The DC Trinity (Wonder Woman has been confirmed, although doesn’t share any title space at the moment) mammoth has moved its release date nearly a year past its original release date. A Warner Brothers executive explained the delay, saying, “We just want to do it right and need the time.” The new weekend of May 6, 2016 will have the release of BvS, X-Men the next weekend, and The Amazing Spider-Man 3 the following weekend. We’ll see if any of those chicken out in the next year.

Jennifer Lawrence to wear wig in Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2

For those of you living under a rock, or who have somehow escaped the J- Law fascination, you may not have realized that the Oscar-winning 22-year- old recently got a pixie hair cut because her long locks were “fried from dyeing too much.” She confirmed that she’d be wearing a wig in both parts of Mockingjay, which is being filmed simultaneously. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed Katniss’ long wig braid is more SNL quality and less Twilight.

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