The Cooperman College Scholars ’23 thank Cesar Cortorreal ’20 and Talia Price ’20 for being phenomenal peer mentors this past year.  We learned so much from them about how to be F&M students.  By attending weekly group gatherings, meeting with us one-on-one, and serving as role models, CJ and Talia showed us how to have fun and stay steady while getting our work done.  We loved all the ways they supported us, from helping to plan meetings to bowling to eating out with us.  We appreciated how they always made time for us despite everything else they had going on, from the Rumpringas to Impact.  We could not have asked for better peer mentors.  Thank you, CJ and Talia, for everything you did for us.  We know you’re going to go on to do amazing things.  Stay in touch!

Sincerely, Curtis Mark, Glorimar Jaramillo, Immanuela Antwi, Stheffany Cumbicos-Ramos, Shanay Jones, Yuliana Tamayo, Glory Edioma, Hulamatou Dukureh, Mohammad Haque 


As a Cooperman College Scholar ’23, I would like to thank Cesar “CJ” Cortorreal and Talia Price for being such dedicated and helpful mentors this past year. They were able to give me support, prepare me for situations I wasn’t used to, check up on mental and physical health, and be there for me. Our weekly meeting and one-to-one really allowed us to build a bond that will continue, even after we go our separate ways. I appreciate them for taking time out of their hectic schedules to have been a support system and friend towards the scholars. I’m grateful to have had such amazing peer mentors. You will surely be missed. Thank you again for everything, and I wish you success as you enter a new chapter in your life. 

Sincerely, Glory Edioma

Thank you to Professor Maria Mitchell, Cooperman College Scholars’ 23 Mentor, for sending along these contributions.