By Sara Hole || Contributing Writer

Wow, time flies. I can’t believe you are graduating already? I saw that The College Reporter made a call for pieces about seniors in the class of 2020. You’ve made a huge impact on my time at F&M, so I saw it fit that I appreciate you in a public sort of way. Here goes. 

I hope that every student is lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet a friend who impacts their lives as greatly as you have mine. Where do I start? When I was a first year, I decided to go through formal recruitment. I wasn’t sure if sorority life was for me, but I threw myself into the process and hoped for the best. I was hesitant about what organization I should join. On preference night, I was lucky enough to speak to you. I knew immediately that we would be great friends. You made me feel welcome in that space, you calmed my nerves, and spoke to me as though we had known each other for years.

On bid day, I was nervous about running “home” to my new sisterhood. You were the very first girl to give me a big hug when I ran into Mayser. You made me feel like I was wanted in this new group.

During my time as a new member, I had my ups and downs. You were the first person I went to to confide in, almost as a mentor to me. You counseled me through my struggles and always made me feel listened to and I trusted you fully. You have the unique ability to make people feel like they are the most important person in the world when you are talking to them, and that is something to be cherished. When I wasn’t always sure about staying in the organization, you were there for me to remind me of the positives. I can say with complete confidence that I would not be a proud sister in Alpha Xi Delta, or perhaps in Greek Life at all, had it not been for your friendship and guidance.

I am still in that organization today and it has allowed me to grow into a better version of myself. But you weren’t finished yet! You had more in store for me. With your encouragement, I walked on to the women’s golf team in the fall of my sophomore year to become your teammate. Once again, you were there to show me the ropes. You introduced me to the coaches, helped me with my swing, and were always there to be supportive or give me a good laugh. 

If I listed all of the other fond memories I have of our time together, we would be here all day! From painting the bid day letters to going out on the weekends, I’m incredibly grateful for the time we’ve spent together. I’m heartbroken that you’re graduating, but confident that you will be back to visit very soon. 

I truly believe that I am a better woman now than I was before I met you and that you play a huge part in that. You have a talent for pushing people to be the best versions of themselves while giving all the love, laughs, and patience in the world. It is why you are easily one of the most loved people in our sorority, on the golf team, and by everyone lucky enough to make your acquaintance. I know this talent will take you far beyond the bounds of Franklin and Marshall. Thank you for everything, Maddy. F&M won’t be the same without you.

With love,

Your friend, sister, and teammate, Sara