When I first sat down to express my appreciation for the Class of 2020, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to focus it. This wonderful class is marvelously diverse in the magnitude of their accomplishments, the contributions they’ve made to our campus community, and the legacies they leave behind as they prepare themselves for new challenges and rewards. So I want to acknowledge the positive impact that certain seniors had on me through our time spent together in these organizations:

Mock Trial

Carter, you’ve been my partner in crime for the past year and it’s been a blast shaping the vision for our remarkable teams–all of our future successes will stand on the foundation of the changes you made in our program. Sierra, you’ve been such a valuable team member and everyone on your team looked up to you so highly–thank you for your endless dedication, dependability, passion, and respect. You’re both going to kill it in law school.

The Writing Center

Alec, I hope you never lose your honesty, bluntness, or passion for discourse–you were always super fun to talk to. Allison, thank you for your endless support, laughter, and engagement–my first year at the Center wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable without you. Aubrey, thank you for challenging my way of thinking and offering your friendship at the Center and Bath. Esmeralda, I really enjoyed getting to know you this year and I appreciated each time we talked during our shifts this year. Hannah, you were always a great source for advice and support, and I’ll miss all the shifts we worked together. Jadeite, you were the first employee to encourage me to apply, and I can’t thank you enough for that–I’ll miss the crazy number of sessions I booked with you these past two years. Julia, I’ll miss the countless hours we worked together, be prepared for me to text you questions about law school and what awesome things you’re up to. Julie, you’re precious and your kindness is invaluable. Nina, you’re awesome and I always appreciated your level-headedness and humor. Reid, I’ll miss looking at your MRIs and engaging in incredibly interesting conversations with you. Yuan, I appreciated every exchange we ever shared and you were always such an interesting, cool, and enjoyable person to work with. 

Phi Kappa Psi

Angelo, I really enjoyed getting to know you and want to thank you for being such a great recruitment chair when I was on the fence about rushing in the first place. Ben, I think your hair is great. Collin, thank you for always putting a smile on my face any time we talked. Don, you’ve been such a fantastic role model and friend, and I learned so much about leadership by looking up to you these past couple years…also, I wish we had seen more movies together before we lost the chance to do so. Drish, I’ve really enjoyed waving and smiling at you as we walk past each other on campus. Dylan, I’m sorry we never did get dinner together, I feel like we each suggested that a couple of times and it never came into fruition. Guiseppe, I really wish we had gotten to know each other better. Has, I’m not sure if you remember the first time we met, but it was a fun time and I’ll never forget it. Ian, you’ve always been such a fun person to be around. John, I marvel at how cool you are and will miss your presence greatly. Ilan, we’ve had some good conversations and I’m really grateful for that. Jack, you’re awesome and I wish we had gotten to know each other better. Jake, I always appreciated how vocal and level-headed you are, I’m looking forward to what you accomplish in the future. Kannel, you’ve always been a great source of compassion, empathy, and reason, and I hope that everyone appreciates that as much as I do. Liam, I appreciate your passion and will miss our conversations going forward. Noah, you were one of the first brothers I had a solid conversation with and really set the tone for the intelligence, level-headedness, and kindness of a brother. Ricky, you had the perfect balance of humor, authority, and accountability, and it’s really something to model after. 


Abby, you make phenomenal cookies and are a phenomenal, supportive CG leader and friend. Alex, you were the reason I got involved with TCR in the first place and I can’t thank you enough for that. Becca, I loved hitting the Bath pubs with you and the Gettysburg boys and will never forget singing Hercules at the Spider-Man opening show literally mere hours before our Jane Austen class started. Katie, thank you for always asking me if I wanted to write an article–these simple messages were the main reason I stayed involved with TCR this year and I’m so grateful for that. 

Best of luck to everyone moving forward. I’ll miss you all immensely, but I know you have bright futures ahead of you, although your impact on me and the F&M community won’t fade away any time soon.