By Diana Lichtenstein || Onion-Dip Columnist

Yup. You read the title correctly: Valentine’s Day does not exist this year! Now, allow me to explain. First of all, as a little disclaimer, I would like to tell my good friends in relationships that I am not attempting to diminish their love for the “holiday” or belittle it’s importance in any way. It is only not important to me…and everyone else who is single. 

So, one sort of nice thing about life during COVID-19 is how low stakes some things have become. This includes most holidays. I mean, St. Patty’s Day, 4th of July, and New Year’s Eve. What do they all have in common? Well, they are all holidays and were all celebrated way more lowkey this year, in my personal experience. (Which was a relief, in all honesty). The pressure to have these amazing holidays is, frankly, exhausting. 

Valentine’s Day was usually the most annoying and pressure-filled for me. Now, I can barely remember what day it is, half the time. Do you think Valentine’s Day is gonna bother me this year? Not at all. I mean, I literally have an assignment due this Sunday at midnight. On Valentine’s Day. 

Yes, this coping mechanism to just pretend the holiday does not exist may come across as concerning, sad, or unorthodox, but trust me, it is a great tactic. So as they say, “Happy Holidays to those celebrating”, I say “Happy Valentine’s Day to those celebrating!”

Junior Diana Lichtenstein is Onion-Dip Columnist for TCR. Her email is