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At home in Mayser Center, F&M women’s basketball fell to McDaniel College by a mere three points Saturday 60-57. This will mark the team’s ninth Centennial Conference loss. The team is now 3-9 in conference play and 6-11 overall, with eight games left, all of which happen to be conference competitors.

The McDaniel Green Terrors were surely worthy opponents, however, they are now 7-9 overall and 4-8 in conference play. In current Centennial Conference standings, this puts McDaniel at ninth place and F&M at 10th, who are trailing McDaniel, with just one less Centennial Conference win.

The game was close from the get-go. At halftime, the score was a tight 26-27 with McDaniel in the lead, a score that inspired the Dips into the second half, however were ultimately taken down by just three points.

Unfortunately the team just could not finish the game with a win, after a game of back and forths the whole way through.

“Our game against McDaniel reflects the problem we have had with finishing this season,” Elizabeth Snyder ’13, guard for the F&M women’s basketball team, said. “We are able to compete in the conference as long as we can finish at the end, [which is] something we are working on.”

“We were stronger and better than McDaniel, we just got caught up in turnovers and lost focus in executing the plays we do in practice,” Kristina McCarthy ’14, forward, said.

The loss was not for lack of trying, however. Alexa Barbush ’13. guard for the team, scored an impressive 19 points for F&M, with McCarthy ’14 following her at 16 points.

“Our plan is to take one game at a time,” Snyder said. “We don’t want to look too far ahead, we’re just ready for our next game.”

Kristen Richter, head coach of the F&M women’s basketball team, is back for her third season with the team and has had many past successes with the program. In both of her first two seasons with the team, she brought the team to semifinals in the conference. The team is hoping for successes like this, come the end of the season.

Hopefully the team can pick up their conference record, against conference competitors Johns Hopkins University on Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Mayser Stadium. The team still has yet to play games against seven conference competitors, so this goal to pick up conference record is certainly a feasible option.

“We are keeping our heads up and focused on our goals,” McCarthy said.

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