By Shira Kipnees, Staff Writer ||

Zime Bistro presented a check for $1,309.96 to Keith Shetter, director of donor relations for the Water Street Rescue Ministries of Lancaster, Tuesday, Nov. 4. Last year, Zime, a Sodexo-brand café on campus, donated $789 to the Mission.

Barry Bosley, associate vice president for Administration, explained that this was the second time Zime donated to Water Street and that the majority of the funds donated are generated by student cash spending at Zime.

Zime was participating in the Sodexo Foundation’s domestic hunger relief program and donated one percent of its sales to a local charity in a program called “Zime Bistro Gives Back.” According to Bosley, Sodexo has supported and initiated programs that help give hunger relief to those in need with a particular focus on
children and families.

“In 1999, Sodexo created the non-profit Sodexo Foundation to extend the company’s commitment to fighting hunger, with the mission of working to ensure that every child in the United States, especially those most at-risk, grows up with dependable access to enough nutritious food to enable them to lead a healthy, productive life,” Bosley said. “The Sodexo Foundation helps support these organizations whose programs address hunger.”

He also explained why Water Street was selected as Zime’s charity of choice.

“Water Street is local to the community and it has ties with the College, so it was a natural fit,” Bosley said.

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