By Lin Phyu Sin || Contributing Writer

The numerous renovation projects conducted at F&M over this past summer can be found all over campus. There are many new and remodeled areas in the residence halls, libraries, and other buildings across campus.

Those projects included the renovation taken place in the Martin Library of Sciences, specifically intended for the upcoming 25th anniversary of its construction. The work was envisioned and designed during the Spring semester of 2015 and implemented during the summer.

The renovation was mainly conducted in the first floor and the third floor mezzanine. Physical layouts were changed on the first floor; old carpets were replaced with new ones and the inner walls were re-decorated. The old carpet from the stairs and the floor of the third floor was also replaced. New furniture was further moved to the third floor, providing for a space more amenable to comfortable individual and group study.

Campus Facilities and Operations (F&O) is trying to utilize Summer months as the time for renovation and renewal of the campus buildings. Associate Vice President of Facilities Management and Campus Planning, Mike Wetzel, mentioned F&O’s potential plan to re-decorate, paint, and supply new carpet also to the second floor in 2016. In addition, new printer systems were implemented for the community’s use for the academic year.

“In order for a student to be creative and innovative, social and study spaces need to help foster that cause,” Wetzel said. “Our building renovation and renewal projects contribute to that end result.”

He concluded by praising F&O’s constant upkeep and improvement of campus buildings. 

“Facilities & Operations is committed to be good stewards to our buildings,” Wetzel said. He went on to say, “Our F&O Team has done a great job managing projects from planning to completion during these Summer months.”

Martin Library of the Sciences is just one area in which F&O undertook renovation projects on campus over the Summer; work was also done in Shadek-Fackenthal Library and in Bonchek College House.

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