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Dexter’s Laboratory, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Courage the Cowardly Dog. If you are a true 90’s, kid then prepare to rejoice. For the first time, the majority of these fan-favorite cartoons will appear online via Netflix. This is awesome news for those of us who need a cartoon fix or to just reminiscence about simpler times, when there were no essays or labs to freak out about.

I know I speak on behalf of most of my generation in saying that we had some of the best cartoons. I know that every generation said they have the best but c’mon, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Fosters, Samurai Jack? Already I can see those Saturday mornings just relaxing in front of the television and watching these awesome cartoons. These cartoons, to me, were the golden age of Cartoon Network. I have watched the new shows on Cartoon Network and my heart laments at the subpar cartoons children are subjected to.

Though I will make an exception in the case of Adventure Time; that is a quality cartoon right there. The others such as Chowder, The Misadventures of Flapjack, and others are just not up to the level of Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls, and Courage.

The downside, though not really, is that I am not going to want to get off Netflix. I can already see the marathons and the lack of school work getting done. In all seriousness though, I am really pumped to see these shows from my childhood online. What would be even more amazing would be to see some of the classic Nicktoons on Netflix as well. You know what I’m talking about: Hey, Arnold, CatDog, Rocket Power, and that’s to just list a few. Granted there is Avatar and Spongebob, but I would like to see even more toons on there.

I remember watching Courage and I am not ashamed to admit that I still get freaked out. Especially the one episode with the Pharaoh’s curse and the creepy mummy chanting “Return the slab,” shivering just thinking about that voice. Watching some of these old shows, I can’t help but think, wow these shows were really weird and yet I still watch them.

That’s the thing about cartoons, is that they can make you feel like a kid all over again. I have a lot of fond memories attached to these cartoons, as I assume most of my fellow peers have as well. I remember playing Powerpuff Girls with my sister and my friend out in the yard; I was Blossom because I thought she was the coolest one. My dad would imitate Mojo Jojo and make us laugh, he still does and I think that shows just how lasting cartoons can be.

I remember when they cancelled Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, I am not ashamed to admit that I got a little emotional. If you didn’t fall in love with Cheese, Eduardo, CoCo, Wilt, and Bloo then you are just lying to yourself. Cheese still manages to put a smile on face and will always be one of my favorite cartoon characters. With memorable quotes such as “I like cereal,” or “I like chocolate milk,” became the words of my childhood. Or who could forget the epicness that was Code Name Kids Next Door? You can’t tell me that after watching that show you didn’t want to have an awesome treehouse and be secret agents with those gadgets. The others on the list, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: talk about a weird show.

We may not have time machines, which is weird considering it’s the 21st century and all, but at least we have the cartoons to help scratch that itch. So if you need a study break and have a Netflix, then go on and sit back and enjoy the memories. I know I will.

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