By Alexandra D’Angelo || Contributing Writer

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‘Tis the season for TV shows premiering new seasons! From September 20 to September 31 is when the majority of shows begin to air their new seasons. Shows typically start up again in September and go until May that way the actors can take the summer off.

Ratings have proven that the best time to bring back shows and introduce new ones is in the beginning of the fall. During the summer, many are on vacation and outside, not watching TV as much. That is why companies decide to air in the fall as people are back in school and work, they tend to relax from their hectic days with TV and bringing shows back entices more people to watch as well.

Grey’s Anatomy is a long running show on ABC. The show began in 2004 and has been airing new seasons ever since. Although the cast has changed throughout the years, the stories haven’t. Grey’s Anatomy takes place at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital which means that all the episodes are hospital and doctor related. Medical dramas target particularly those in or interested in the medical field and those that don’t mind when they view graphic surgeries and medical situations. This upcoming season will attract many viewers because an original character from the show’s earlier seasons may be making an appearance which will get people from all over to view the show’s new season.

Modern Family, a comedy series, centers around a family of five, and two other families of three and goes through each of their daily lives. The aspect of the show that makes it super funny is after a situation occurs there is a scene with one of the actors and their thoughts on what just happened. To watch Modern Family, you don’t have to watch episodes in order to be able to understand the show. Since each episode has a different scenario, you can watch episodes in any order you want. Many will be excited that the show is back to continue laughing aloud.

Shows of all different varieties are coming back this fall and new ones as well. And by downloading the TV networks app, you can watch these shows anywhere and anytime. Whenever you don’t have something to do, find out what new show to watch or an old show to continue because the options are limitless when it comes to watching TV.

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