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Jan. 30 was a big day for seniors at F&M as it marked the beginning of the countdown to graduation. With only 100 days to go, seniors are preparing themselves to graduate from F&M. The Senior Class Caucus worked hard last semester and will continue to do so this semester to make sure the seniors have a memorable final year.

This semester the first senior event was the Senior Boot Camp, which took place Jan. 14, and the 100 Days Until Graduation event marks the second event of the semester. At this more low-key affair, seniors had the opportunity to come to the Steinman College Center and enjoy free pizza, donated by The Sugar Bowl, with their classmates. Senior students were also able to pre-purchase senior class shirts and senior bucket lists.

The event was a success and gave seniors an opportunity to celebrate in a convenient location. Looking ahead to the rest of the semester, Amanda Loh ’13, senior class president, said there is still a lot of planning to be done.

“Nothing is set in stone because we need to get [events] cleared by the administration,” Loh said.
All events need to go through many channels of approval before being planned, and the Senior Class Caucus is now going through this process. Loh has specific goals for the semester’s events, however.

“My big goal is to make sure everything is as well-rounded as possible but also to make sure seniors are having a good experience,” Loh said. “[The senior class caucus and I] are doing our best to make a well-balanced calendar.”

The Caucus is facing several obstacles while looking ahead to events for this semester. There have been budget cuts all across F&M, which is affecting the senior class. The Caucus needs to plan fundraisers and make sure all events are cleared with the administration.

Many seniors are also applying to graduate schools and various jobs. Although Caucus members have a lot to handle this semester, students are still taking the time to organize special events.

“I do have a Caucus that is really hard working and really ready to put in the effort,” Loh said.

As a sneak peek for what is to come, the Caucus has two main events in the works. The first is a senior service day, during which students will work with children or the elderly throughout Lancaster. The Caucus hopes to plan this in connection with the Ware Institute for Civi Engagement.

“If we [do] the senior service it would be a nice capstone so we can kind of make a tradition in conjunction with the freshman orientation event,” Loh said.

Another event in the works is something in place of Senior Surprise. Due to a decline in attendance and funding in the past several years, the Senior Caucus wants to change things this year. Instead of Senior Surprise, they are working on something called Disorientation. This will be a three or four day event sometime in April.

Although they are still waiting for confirmation from the administration, they are currently planning on at least one senior night during these days and one alcohol-free event.

“We think that will be a better way for seniors to bond at the end of the year and to be nostalgic about graduating and all that good stuff,” Loh said.

This past semester, the senior class has had lots of opportunities to socialize with other seniors during fundraisers and many senior nights. All events have been well-attended, and Loh believes everyone who was able to make it really enjoyed themselves.

“I had more senior nights in one semester than the last two presidents had in the entire year,” Loh said.
After accomplishing this it is clear Loh and the Senior Caucus will make sure this semester is just as successful as the last and attempt to make these final few months truly memorable for the F&M senior class.

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