By Lily Vining || Campus Life Editor

On Wednesday, October 19th, the Office of DEI and the Writers House hosted a Fashion Show and Open Mic. This event was part of Campus Inclusion Week, a week of programming designed to bring the campus community together to celebrate the complexity of our diverse identities as well as to celebrate others. This event offered the campus community a chance to showcase fashion and artistry from different styles and cultures. The program was split between two acts: the first invited participants to wear traditional attire and/or perform pieces from their culture or country; the second gave participants a chance to wear clothing that represented their personal style and individuality. Students and staff from across the campus community participated in the show and attended to cheer them on. 

The event was made possible by the Office of DEI, the Writers House, and the brave models and performers. DJing by Julian Thomas ‘25, known as DJ Jules. Photography by Brandon Webb ‘25.

Jean-Paul Rojas ‘23 and Christina Conde ‘23 showcase the cultural style of Columbia.

Ojima Abraham’23 showcases the cultural style of Nigeria.

Apurva Subedi ‘24 reads “Putali,” a Nepali poem written by his father.

Alfee Rubayet ‘24 reads a short story about growing up in Bangladesh while wearing a traditional salwar kameez.

Nekema Falby ‘25 showcases her cultural fashion of Carnival in St. Lucia.

Vice President of DEI Gretchel Hathaway celebrates her heritage from Sierra Leone in cultural West African fashion.

Elias Diaz ‘24 showcases his personal style.

Christline Edward ‘25 sings “Easy” while wearing her personal style.

Kim Rosario ‘23 showcases her personal style.

Jordan Hagood ‘24 showcases her personal style.

Andre Scott ‘24 showcases his personal style.

Cam Cates ‘26 performs “Surprise Tulip” while wearing her personal style.

Destiny Quow ‘24 showcases her personal style.

Mohamed Adio ‘24 showcases his personal style.

Models and performers, with event hosts. From left to right, back row: Jean-Paul Rojas, Jordan Hagood, Ojima Abraham, Andre Scott, Mohamed Adio; Middle row: Christina Conde, Elias Diaz, Destiny Quow, Raisa Rahman Richi, Gretchel Hathaway, Christline Edward, Kim Rosario; Front row: Jayda Grazette, Mia Aaronson.

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