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On Nov. 5 the College Democrats and College Republicans are hosting a pre-election celebration to prepare students for election day on Nov. 6.

The event will be held in the Atrium of the Steinman College center at 7:30 p.m., where the main feature of the event is a debate between the two organizations.

The purpose of the event is to help students who are undecided voters make an informed decision. Food and election literature will be provided.

“We hope to elevate the conversation above the talking points and hear the philosophical differences behind the two candidate’s positions,” said Phil Zabriskie, president of the College Republicans.

“It is important for our representation to be both accurate and representative of the candidates this year,” he added.

According to Wyatt Huppert ’14, president of the College Democrats, the two organizations often collaborate.

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“We are often invited to the same events, particularly ones that involve political themes,” Huppert said. “We also host joint events fairly frequently, like viewing political events such as the recent debates.”

“Our relationship is not defined by partisanship, vitriol, or even a stubbornness of idea,” Zabriskie added. “It is one of breaking down issues and building up solutions that we both can agree on. Neither side is at all disagreeable with the other.”

Both organizations encourage all students to seek information about candidates for various races and to vote.

“Undecided voters should really look at the path of the country,” Zabriskie said. “Politics is so much more than promises or theatrics.”

Huppert noted the different information available to students who have yet to make a decision, including the F&M Votes Presidential Voter Guide. He urges students to consider issues likely to affect the near future and what direction they’d like to see the government take on those issues.

Huppert also advises students to bring only their F&M student ID to the polls on election day.

“While [ID] won’t be required, election workers are allowed to request it, though they can’t deny your vote if you don’t have it,” Huppert said. “We are urging students not to bring their out-of-state driver’s licenses as this may lead to ballots being unfairly challenged.”

Students can email or for more information.

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