By Professor Kibler || Contributing Writer

I have a few favorite memories of my American Studies Senior Seminar of the fall of 2019. The first is the way they decided to ask tough questions of the producers of the Codebreaker podcast about Lancaster surveillance; they did not shy away from questioning them about bias and about ways they sensationalized their reporting, even though we were speaking to them in person. This turned out to be the most memorable part of the discussion, and the journalists told me that they don’t usually get these tough questions. The second is the way that the class pulled together to offer positive, but critical feedback about students’ draft podcasts. The advice was detailed and so helpful! I just spent a lot of time nodding–good point, yes, I agree; excellent insight. You worked as a team in this creative process. Thank you (from left to right around the circle): Briahna Jackson, Rachel Sheffield, Julie Lim, Sophie Worthy, Olivia Browne, Maeve O’Brien, Ebony Pitts, Emily Ritchey, Drew Snyder, Angelo Martin, Zach Muster, Alexa Frey, and Austin Bates.