Deb Moriarty

Fri, Nov 20, 1:34 PM

Dear Students,

As a follow-up to Dr. Myers’s earlier message today, please assume that you may be positive for COVID-19 until you receive your test results.

Here is the anticipated timeline for test results:

Tuesday testing:  results should be in by the end of today (Friday)

Wednesday testing: results late tonight or early Saturday morning

I realize that this is a huge frustration for all and may have an impact on travel plans for some. We encourage students to remain on campus until they receive a negative test result, and to adjust their travel plans accordingly, as needed.

If your plan is to leave campus prior to having your result PLEASE act as if you are potentially positive – all of us are potentially asymptomatic positives – and as if everyone around you is positive. If you planned time for move out changes, please contact your College House Dean to schedule a new time. 

Deb Moriarty, Ph.D.
Interim Vice President & Dean of Student Affairs
Franklin & Marshall College
Pronouns: she/her