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So, it’s Halloween already—and if the months of September and October disappearing didn’t scare you, I don’t know what will. But, whether or not you are in the mood for spooks, the day of the dead is approaching—and it’s calling for a good outfit. 

Though we now exist in a timeless warp of god-knows-where and who-knows-what, there have been some highlights from the year that might make for a solid costume choice. I’ve outlined a few below, sorted by interests, group size, and, most importantly, how easy the costume will be to pull off. 

For the Netflix Connoisseur:

A Player, VIP, Gamekeeper, or the “Front Man” from Squid Game

Group size: Limitless

We’ve all seen it at this point-—and after breaking records as the most popular Netflix show of all time, it is sure to make a few, if not more, appearances on campus this Halloween. The great thing about this costume is that it can be recognizable on its own as well as in a massive group, and the difficulty to pull it off can range from a VIP’s simple black suit and gold mask on the low end to a full tracksuit or red uniform on the higher end. You won’t be able to find all the elements in your closet, (or at least, I assume), so this one requires a bit of thinking ahead, but the Instagram will be well worth it.

The Queen’s Gambit

Group size: 1-2

Before the time of Squid Game, we were all tuned into a different game—one that was a bit less deadly, but equally enthralling. Beth Harmon, with her iconic red bob and devastatingly gorgeous mod fashion, is an obvious choice for the casual fashionista looking to pull a few pieces from their existing wardrobe. Pair a jewel-toned turtleneck and a grey skirt with some fiery locks, and the likeness will be clear. To go the extra mile, pick one of her best looks from the show and replicate it for a perfect side-by-side! (Might I suggest her black and white frock/headband ensemble?) This costume can be made into a couple’s affair by slapping a wide-brimmed hat and leather jacket onto your beau. Interlace your fingers, look deep into their eyes, and you have yourself a Benny.

Gossip Girl

Group size: 1-4

Whether you go classic with a Serena and Blair combo or pay tribute to the HBO reboot, if you have a pleated skirt and button-up in your closet, this costume is sure to be a winner. You can always go solo, but adding a Chuck or a Nate into your mix will round out your group and give the guys an easy look. 

For the Movie Lover:


Group Size: 1-4

You might not have a tan muumuu casually hanging in your closet, but the recent premiere of this 2021 blockbuster warrants a trip to Spirit Halloween (not sponsored). Whether you want to go for either Zendaya or Timothee Chalamet’s look, you really can’t lose. Top it off with a black earbud shoved up your nose, and the reference will land.

Evan Hansen

Group Size: 1

Okay, so maybe the film wasn’t what the theater kids were hoping for, but the revival of this incredible musical’s relevance gives you an excuse to wrap an ACE bandage around your arm and don some blue. Hey, you look closer to high school than Ben Platt did, anyways.

James Bond

Group Size: 1

Now that Daniel Craig is stepping away from the iconic role, maybe this Halloween is your opportunity to throw your martini in the ring! Being an international super-spy is as easy as a suit, a tie, and preparing your arsenal of 007 quotes from Connery to Craig. 

Space Jam

Group Size: 1-5

If you happen to be on the basketball team or know someone who is, this costume is a slam dunk. Choose your favorite Looney Tunes character and pop on some animal ears to complete the ensemble! 

For the Pop Culture Junkie:

Britney Spears

Group Size: 1

She’s finally free! Celebrate the Princess of Pop by replicating any of her iconic looks throughout the years. From “Circus” to her all-denim outfit, there are no shortages of fashion references you can choose from. If you want to go all-out, don a red unitard in honor of her “Oops! I Did it Again” era, or a flight attendant ensemble circa “Toxic.” To keep things a bit easier, pull out that pleated skirt again to revive “…One More Time” or a green crop top and sparkly shorts for a “Slave 4 U” performance of your own.

AOC’s dress from the Met

Group Size: 1

Why would she say something so controversial yet so brave? Elect to wear AOC’s “Tax the Rich” statement dress straight from the carpet of the Met! This one might take some more intense DIY-savvy, but the side-by-side will be worth it.

Harry Styles 

Group Size: Truly Limitless

With a wardrobe that big, it’s hard to choose just one of his iconic looks—so don’t! Bring a group, pick your favorite pair of high-rise pants, and take your love of Harry Styles on tour!

For the Couple’s Costume:

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

Group Size: 2

This is your excuse to act as weird as possible, so take it while you can. Nab an all-red look for Megan and some questionable face tats for MGK, and you’re halfway there. Recreating their infamous interview looks and wild quotes is major TikTok potential. 


Group Size: 2

Meet your Ben “On The Floor” and relive your “Jenny from the Block” days knowing that the golden couple is (finally) back together! Choose from any of JLo’s iconic looks (may I suggest the Versace dress?) and dress your Ben as any of his classic movie characters to make the reference land. 

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello 

Group Size: 2

It’s giving…Cher. If your man is willing to go sans-shirt and rock some leather, pick out some purple feathers to DIY Camila’s Met Gala look. This may not have been the best look of the night, but the quote itself deserves recognition this year.

I have no desire to support Jeff Bezos and his space cowboy fantasy, but if you still haven’t made up your mind, pick an idea above and Prime your way to a killer costume. Don’t be *that* guy—plan your look now so you don’t end up as a felt banana or an “I forgot.” Nobody likes *that guy.*

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