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The approaching holiday season, full of fancy dinners and parties with friends and family, requires plenty of fun and festive outfits. This offers many chances to get all dolled up and feel the holiday spirit in clothes, hair, makeup, and nails. You may take this opportunity to discover the latest in nail strengthening technology that you can apply in your nails.

If attending an “End of the World” or “Maya” party, consider this an opportunity to wear almost anything (within reason); there might not be another chance. If it turns out the Mayans were incorrect, however, there will be many occasions to wear cute outfits throughout the holiday season and Winter break. Remember to keep things appropriate, depending on with whom you are celebrating, because frat-esque clothes probably won’t go over too well at Grandma’s. Parties with friends from high school, though, are basically fair game to wear whatever. New Year’s Eve parties totally warrant plenty of sequins, sparkles, gold, silver, or lace, but not all at once.

Glamour magazine suggests dresses in rich jewel tones and gold. Many of its holiday party picks also feature fuller skirts, perfect for eating a big meal, since they will conceal the roast beef and all seven fishes. At the same time, these dresses accentuate the waist and allow for an hourglass figure, which will translate well in photos.

Seventeen magazine’s Style Council recommends sweater dresses, which are always appropriate during the winter months and are, of course, very warm and cozy. Cardigans with fun sparkle details or cropped blazers are perfect to wear over a holiday dress. If the occasion is family-oriented try to keep the neckline higher and be ready to play with little cousins on the ground.

When it comes to shoes, the holiday options are almost limitless. Because of nicer occasions, wearing heels is perfectly acceptable. Luxe heels in suede (or faux-suede), recommended in greens, blues, and purples, dress up any outfit. These nicer pumps or wedges turn jeans from too casual into appropriate if they’re dark-washed and accompanied with a pretty top. Sparkly flats are nice enough for holiday dinners and parties, yet still exciting and fun. Even boots work for the Winter because they’re the most weather-appropriate and wearing dark or patterned tights under boots typically dresses them up.

Hair for the holidays should be kept relatively simple, with braided buns, thick fishtails, and loose waves. Red lips are popular to bring in the Christmas spirit, but can be tricky to pull off and execute properly, so proceed with caution. Nude lips are also recommended by Harpar’s Bazaar Beauty this season and don’t create an issue with leaving lipstick on glasses or on relatives’ cheeks. Be warned, however, red lips do have the ability to completely wash anyone out, which is already a concern in the pale Winter season. Rich, smoky eyes or classy cat eyeliner work for parties and dinners alike. For a fun take on these classic looks, switch up the colors; instead of a grey and black smoky eye, use taupes and dark, chocolate-y browns or forest greens.

Nails can be a fun way to show off the holiday spirit, too, and can either take the silly, ironic route or the mature one. Longer nails offer a great canvas for winter-themed designs, like snowflakes or nails made to look like stockings or candy canes. According to Allure magazine, solid-colored gold and silver nails work to bring festivities to your fingers and will be perfect through New Year’s. Dark red remains a staple and navy blue offers a different, yet still serious nail look that should complement the jewel-toned dresses.

Getting ready for holiday parties doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking, as long as cute dresses, fun shoes, pretty makeup, and well-manicured nails are involved.

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