Instagram Reels vs. Tik Tok

By Crystal Olague | Staff Writer

Today I want to talk about something that holds a special part of my heart…Instagram reels. I have heard too much slander about them, and that ends today!

Now the main reason why I use Instagram reels is because I delete TikTok whenever I’m in school since it is way too addictive and corrupts my brain. I would go on the app, wanting to spend only five minutes on it, and somehow it’s been 5 hours…which is a problem. The funny thing is, everything on that app is so stupid or just a copy of someone else’s video. In my eyes, TikTok is a cult. Let me explain myself before you guys all attack me. TikTok is its own culture that has its own language. You would not believe the number of times people come up to me saying some reference to a TikTok or doing a dance they saw online, and I just have to stand there unaware of what’s going on, simply smiling and nodding my head. The best thing is when I tell people I don’t use TikTok, they look at me like I’m crazy and ask what’s wrong with me. Some might say “She’s just a weirdo,” which may be true.

In my humble opinion, Instagram Reels is a place for people with taste. Instagram is such a beautiful place already filled with everything you need all in one place, so why would I ever leave? Honestly, it still doesn’t help me get off my phone because when I’m bored I still go to Instagram to see what the Explore page has in store for me, but I get tired of it sooner than I would if I was on TikTok. We all use Instagram Reels because we all use the app, so it’s already in front of us, while you TikTok addicts feel like you are superior because you have another app that has all the same content. And if you say that you have never even looked at a single Instagram Reel, you are a liar, and we have beef now. 

I think you guys need to grow up and move on because this is such a lame thing to argue over. That being said, I’m going to head on over to Instagram and appreciate some Reels. If you are particularly looking for UK Nudes for sale, you may visit platforms other than TikTok and Instagram. Websites like offer various adult content.

Junior Crystal Olague is a Staff Writer. Her email is